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My friend and I were just talking about dogs and what to do if your mascot gets lost. It brought us back to this summer, when he found this little one scared and looking for her owner.

It was sad to see a stressed-out dog who was feeling anxious because she couldn't find her family. Since my friend has a dog, he knew that the first thing to do was to give some water to the dog, as he could have been walking for hours under the hot sun.

My friend wrote a public post on Facebook and, luckily, the dog's owner was able to get her dog back, so this little story has a happy ending. But it was my learning for the day: If you find a lost dog, give him/her some water.


You did a great job by rescuing the dog Zanduvid. The dog should be given some shelter and he was given some water too. So he can't find his family and it's such a great thing that they are able to return him to his family because we feel worried for the dog he must feel scared for being lost guys. We should be the one who should take care of pets because we should be responsible for them.

It was my friend who actually rescued the dog, I just provided moral support to both, my friend and the dog, but thanks for your nice words.

God bless kind people like your friend zanduvid. I have a cat also, and when he is not feeling well, I feed him with soup and give him a paracetamol and he becomes ok again.

That's building up some great karma. It's always good to help those in need whether a human or a puppy. :)

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