Liquidation of 10 steem worth of rmsfitness token.

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Be ready to put some rmsfitness tokens on the market today- i will buy 10 steem worth of rmsfitness token.

If you don't have tokens, you can get them by substituting your workout at
playing post games and comments!

Added new workouts at the website so we have probably around 60 workouts to enjoy!!!

Another option to get rmsfitness token is...

Yes there is another option to get rmsfitnes token.
it is joining the live stream workout

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it is only at 20:00 UK time- because I alone do the job- if you are personal trainer or coach and would love to share your workouts for free and spend your time on live working out- just contact me- it is free!!!!

After live stream you will rmsfitness token buy this formula 1*((holding)/1000))!!!!! And probably we will do some workouts for the so you won't need to send the link and film your self. You will save your phone battery for filming birds and crocodiles.

P.S waiting for food posts, you can use other social media, but you need send your link to me- remember if you make.shit you need to be ready to eat.your.shit :)


The liquidation is over. Bought 10 steem worth of rmsfitness token. See you next time!!!