Fantasy Euro 2020 - Semi-finals Results

in Fantasy Sports4 months ago

The semi-finals were a close-run affair both on the pitch and in our Fantasy Euros competition. Just 5 points separated the top 5 with @titopx, @brahmaputra, @captain36, me and @emmanuel-malume all tightly grouped. @titopx doing just enough to win by 1 point.


Congratulations @titopx - your 15 steem prize should now be with you.


And more importantly, here is your temporary trophy.


With only 1 trophy left to award to the overall winner and entry into the not yet created Hall of Fame (for the top 3), here are the standings for the overall prizes.


Is there still time for a late surge into the top 3? There's not long to wait before we find out.


Fantasy Sports Fantasy Premier League Contest is now open with a current Prize Fund of 300 STEEM. Click here to find out more and enter.



Quien diría que tenía de capitán a Barella pero al ver que iba titular Chiesa 20 min antes del partido cambie de capitán y Federico no me decepciono, estuvo muy parejo pero por fin gane una ronda. Ahora con todo en la final a ver si llego al top 3 (aunque lo dudo) muchas gracias bro 💪🏾

 3 months ago 

Congratulations 🙂 You deserve the prize for waiting until the team news - it makes a big difference 👍

Once again I missed 3 points....hope I can get into the top 3 after the final on Sunday....btw congratulations to @titopx for winning the week

Estás rondas de pocos partidos se deciden por muy poco, tuve suerte jajaja

Muchas gracias 😎

 3 months ago 

Muy poco 🙂

And with today's final, I think it will be even closer.

 3 months ago 

Focus, @captain36... Focus 🤓

When ever I see the fantasy results I feel sad knowing that i have not won for the week.

 3 months ago 

☹ One last chance tonight...

And then 38 chances with the FPL competition 😃

Yep, i have do fasten my seatbelts.
Cause I have to win today😂

 3 months ago 

So have you won??😂 I guess you didn’t fasten your seat belt tight enough?😂

 3 months ago 

Or maybe it was too tight.

 3 months ago 

😂 I think so

🤣🤣or maybe i I didn't tighten it at all

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 3 months ago 

I'll take a look 🙂

Congratulations to @titopx👏

Muchas gracias hermano. 💪🏾