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Don't adjust your sets, this is not a duplicate post but a 2nd grand prix at the same track in as many weeks. And for Max Verstappen, a pretty much identical weekend!

He qualified on Pole with the impressive Lando Norris completing the front row. Norris was just 0.048 seconds behind Verstappen and as he crossed the line, I was really hoping Norris had done enough but it wasn't to be. Perez, Hamilton and Bottas completed the top 5.

It was a more interesting race than last weekend which saw an early safety car following a Haas, Ocon sandwich. Norris pushed Verstappen at both start and restart but Verstappen never really looked in danger. Norris had his own excitement having deemed to have pushed Perez off the track (dropping Perez down to 10th), earning Norris a 5 second penalty. Probably incensed by this, Perez decided to do the same thing to Charles Leclerc (twice) to earn himself 2 x 5 second penalties!

Hamilton had a poor race which was put down to some damage on his car - he allowed Bottas through and later Norris also passed him to give Hamilton a 5th place finish - not great considering his title hopes.

So the race result ended as:

  1. Verstappen
  2. Bottas
  3. Norris
  4. Hamilton
  5. Sainz
  6. Perez
  7. Ricciardo
  8. Leclerc
  9. Gasly
  10. Alonso

The important thing though (as always), is what it means for our Fantasy F1:


Comparing the battle between me and @gabikay as the one between Verstappen and Hamilton in my last update - the gap opening this weekend perhaps reinforces this analogy.



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