LaLiga Marca Fantasy Team Analysis

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With just a few days left until the La Liga season kicks off, we have 11 players in the Steemit League which is a nice number. As I've mentioned, if we can get a full league of 16, I'll double the prize pool to 100 STEEM and adjust the prizes so that more people have a chance of winning.

▶ Follow this link for details on how to join before Friday's deadline

So with the season about to start, I thought I'd have a look at the 11 squads and share a few bit of information that I can muster.

Squad Value

@the-gorillaIt won't tell me (€152m roughly)

What stands out is that the highest squad values are the players who have been most active in the transfer market which means that the lower squad values almost certainly have a lot of money left in the bank. I'll touch on this a little later...

Squad Breakdowns


As I mentioned, the smaller squad values have smaller squads. @abu78, @chenty, @chiabertrand, @richgang and @wentv all appear to have their original 14 man squads and should be mindful that if you don't pick 11 players for a gameweek, you score 0 points. @tanhunter254 and @the-gorilla have gone for larger squads.

Most Expensive Players (€20m+)

@jimah1kBenzemaReal Madrid€73.0m
@arahmanOyarzabalReal Socieded€41.1m
@arahmanJordi AlbaBarcelona€31.3m
@chentyCorreaAthletico Madrid€27.1m
@arahmanPau TorresVillareal€22.8m
@rubilu123TrippierAthletico Madrid€22.3m

There are 9 €20m+ players with @araham accounting for 3 of them.

There's very little more I can find of interest. There's already 2 groups of players appearing - those that are actively working in the Transfer Market to improve their squads and those that appear to have "set and forget". With the additional €100m that LaLiga gives you at the start to improve your squads, it makes a lot of sense to invest it and strengthen.

Let me know some of your thoughts so far in the comments 👍


Hola amigo, tenias razón quienes entraron primero tenían mas chance, al principio me costo armar el equipo por suerte logre comprar varios jugadores, hoy estaba analizando y me faltan defensores, mis últimos fichajes han sido por jugadores de bajo costo, pero que pueden llegar a ser titulares. Saludos.

 3 months ago 

There are lots of good players that haven't appeared on the market yet so patience may be rewarded 🙂

@tipu curate

I think I still have to make moves for players, as others keep on rejecting my bids for their players.

Especially @jimah1k who keeps on rejecting my bid asking for more money 😂

 3 months ago 

🙄🤣 You're running out of time. If you want a player badly enough, a lot of release clauses are active now!

 3 months ago 

😆. I seriously need more money.

Ciertamente @ jimah1k es un tipo con el que es difícil negociar, supongo que ha de ser un gran trader. Jejeje.

 3 months ago 

Ha ha.

@rubliu123 - he's the toughest parts of Borussia Dortmund and Tottenham's Daniel Levy.

😂😂Yes he is very difficult to negotiate with.

I call him the dortmund of fantasy, very difficult.
But i guess that makes him a great trader and an expect in fantasy as you rightlh said.

 3 months ago 


Yep I think I have to look into those players and then make sure I acquire a few cause i need a forward badly.

Just Imagine Dembele is injured already when the season hasn't even started yet.