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My Dear steemians

Friends, Best of Bangladesh Community has brought another new contest for you. Through this contest, you will be able to recall your old memories and share those fond moments with us.


Steemit platform is a platform for 100% educated people. All of us in this platform had to go through student life. We have many memories in our student life.Share with us all the happy and sad stories of your student life and give us a chance to know what your student life was like.

You should mention institutions in which you studied. You can tell your achievement in education. You can give an overview of your educational institutions and mention which institutions you were in at which time.You can mention the names of your favorite teachers and the memories that happen to them. You can mention how you spend time with your friends. You can mention the names of your best friends.

Some rules for competition

  • The post must be your own and copyright free. The competition is open to all countries.
  • Your post must be more than 250 words and less than 1000 words. You can write the post in Any language.

  • Add at least three photos with your educational institution, Friend Circles or Photos with your teacher.

  • Your post must be done in the Best Of Bangladesh community.

The duration of the contest is till 13 june (GTM 11:59)


1st Place6.00 STEEM
2nd Place4.00 STEEM
3rd Place3.00 STEEM
4rth place2.00 STEEM
5th place1.00 STEEM

Cc :

Looking forward to your participation.Stay happy and healthy.


Just visiting your community...

You need to make sure you are voting more. Two of you have not even voted the minimum 70 posts in the past 7 days.

Make sure you are using your SP to the max to support your community.

And you might want to run some campaigns to build up the voting power in your community.

We are really looking to support individuals and communities who are powering up now.

cc @rex-sumon @sm-shagor @eh-shohag @msharif

We must try to give the highest number of votes to the members of our community. And next week no user will miss out on our vote. We will give our votes to everyone. We are making the most of Steem Power in our community and voting. We are voting more for those whose posts seem more qualified to us. We are already working to increase steem power in our community. We hope you'll be able to increase the power of our community very quickly. We look forward to your continued support.

This is good news, we are very grateful that you always support the community and individuals who have worked so hard.

 2 months ago 

Power up is essential for the community. We continue to strive to increase power.


 2 months ago 

Two of you have not even voted the minimum 70 posts in the past 7 days.

I have also noticed this matter. Everyone should use his power to the maximum. I hope everyone will be aware of this from now on.

And we try our best to increase power from the community. And I'm trying to support all of the community users.

Thank you so much for giving us some important suggestions. We welcome your suggestions.

STEEM ON!!!!!!!

Your Voting Power is currently at 100% - you are missing votes 😮

 2 months ago 


Agrega al menos tres fotos con tu institución educativa, Círculos de amigos o Fotos con tu profesor.

Me hubiese gustado mucho participar la vida de estudiante es la mejor que hay pero en mis años de estdiantes n habia lo de ahora celulares y menos con camaras para tomarnos muchas fotos...

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