Weekly Photography Challenge #Week 4 #Contest || Drop Your Best 3 Photographs/Captures || 10 Steem Prize Pool - Submit Your Post

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My Dear Friends,
This is @eh-shohag from 🇧🇩Bangladesh


Dear Steemians,
We all like to perform more or less photography. When we have a camera or a phone in our hand, we capture different scenes. And everyone tries to perform beautiful photographs. We really want to see who can do the most beautiful photography. Just drop your best 3 photographs & earn steem.

Rules Regarding This Contest

  • Create a post using the title "My Best 3 Photographs"
  • Anyone can participate in this post & can write in any language.
  • Add three pictures in your post & write at least 3 sentences about each picture.
  • Must resteem this post.
  • Don't use the used pictures. All pictures must be your own captures.
  • Your post must be from Best Of Bangladesh community.
  • Never forget to add the tags #best3photographs & yourcountry such as #bangladesh.
  • Leave a comment of your entry post below this post.
  • Duration : Till the 04 June, 2021 (GMT+6)

10 Steem Prize Pool

1st Place3.00
2nd Place2.50
3rd Place2.00
4th Place1.50
5th Place1.00

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I appreciate and I will participate in the next contest