My Best 3 photographs

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Hello beautiful friends of Bangladesh. I am happy to partake of this contest being 03/06/2021
Below are my 3 beautiful pictures I took.

#picture 1

Capture with my iPhone 6s

I love the way the sun is set above it
I love this picture so much because the image has Africa glob and it is situated in the middle of the road at Wellington Bassey way in Uyo city Akwa Ibom state.

#picture 2

Capture picture from my iPhone 6s

I took this picture when I visited plaza in Uyo city in Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria
It is a metropolitan city where anyone that lost his /her way can traced back to their right destination

#picture 3

I took this picture when i was in a moving vehicle.

So when I caught sight of this landscape and the sky over it, I couldn’t resist it but to take a beautiful photograph of it with my iPhone 6s.
Thanks for reading through my post


Your phonographs is all together beautiful
Keep it up @essybrandy

Awww... thank you @goodybest.
Hope you did enjoyed your weekend?

Sure dear, but you didn't joined our weekend meetup. Hoped you're great?

Yes dear I’m good. I traveled to the village to see my grandma

That so good of you @essybrandy, it's a good habit to always catch up with love ones. Hope you are enjoying yourself?

Yes I am.
My regards to your family @goodybest

Good to know @essybrandy please ma regards to them too, thanks and take care of yourself

Nicely done. I've learned some qualities of a good post from you

Smiles... thanks dear i appreciate .

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