Descriptions of some of the foods.

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My Dear Friends
This is @ns-porosh from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

How are you all? I hope you are well by the grace of God.I am well with your prayers and mercy God's grace.



The name of this dish is Kachchi. Kachchi is a favorite food of most of the people of Bangladesh. I have loved eating this food since childhood.

The price of one plate of raw is 120 rupees/bdt



This food is called mixed food. Mixed food dishes are made with a variety of nutritious food ingredients. This food is very beneficial for young and old people. My father and I eat this food every day.

A jar of mixed food costs 260 rupees/bdt.



The name of this dish is Chatpati. Chatpati food is a very favorite food in our Bangladesh, especially for girls. In our country, girls as well as boys love to eat charapati.At the corner of our village college every day from 3 pm to evening sells a hotpot.

The price of one plate of hotpot is 20 rupees.



This dish is sweet. Everyone is familiar with Asha Sweet. Sweet is a favorite food of many people in the world.Personally, my own dessert is a very favorite food. I try to eat sweets 1 day a week.

The price of 1 kg of sweets is 160 rupees /bdt.

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Thanks everyone for reading my post.Everyone will be healthy.


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