🍩FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY WEEK#03📷: Share Your Best Food Photography 🥞10% @adollaraday.

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We eat a variety of foods in our daily lives.We eat a variety of traditional foods in addition to the main food.We eat a variety of items in restaurants or at home.That's why I launched the Food Photography Contest.In this contest, you can present your best food photography to us.It is a great pleasure to photograph food and share it with others.So you share your best food photography with us.I have given some rules for controlling this contest.The rules are mentioned below.


  • Post Topic:Best Food Photgraphy

  • Your post must be original, no Plagiarism.

  • Your post must be done in the Best Of Bangladesh community.

  • The link to your post must be commented below this post.

  • Use the #food-photography tag in your posts.

  • Just need to share the pictures.(you can warmly welcome)

  • Resteem the post.(must be)

  • The contest will last for seven days.

start time: 10 jun 2021
End time: 17 jun 2021


1st prize3 STEEM
2nd prize2 STEEM
3rd prize1 STEEM
4th prize1 STEEM
5th prize0.5 STEEM
6th prize0.5 STEEM
7th prize0.5 STEEM
8th prize0.5 STEEM
9th prize0.5 STEEM
10th prize0.5 STEEM

10% beneficiary for @adollaraday.

CC: @steemitblog

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nice content, i well attend this contest soon. i resteem this post.

@sabbirrr bhai, 10% beneficiary korte hobe?

I will love to be part if this contest and tell you more about my favourite food

I will love to be part if this contest and tell you more about my favourite food

This post has been supported by A Dollar A Day administered by @pennsif...

Thank you for setting a beneficiary to @adollaraday.

This is the link to my entryFavorite food

My sincere thanks to @sabbirrr for organizing this contest. Please find my entry for this contest below-



As a prerequisite to participate in this contest, I have re-steemed this announcement.


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