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Good news for those who love to travel. This competition is based on traveling. This competition will be organized every week.This is week-5.




Through this competition you will be able to showcase your traveling moments. You can write about where you want to go. Need to share some pictures of traveling moments. Be sure to mention why the place you are traveling to is popular. Mention which aspects of the place you like best and why you would ask people to go there.

Some Ruels

  • Of course your writing must be your own.(You must enter at least 300 words). The post should be made on your own basics.

  • You must share three pictures of where you will travel(it is mandatory)

  • Of course the post must be done in the Best Of Bangladesh community.

  • You can participate in this competition from any country.

  • Don't forget to tag ( #mytravellingtime-week6 and yourcountry for example #bangladesh or #India)Add at least five tags.

  • Of course you need to resteem this post(it is mandatory)

  • The duration of the contest is till 15 July (GTM 11:59)

  • You must follow all the rules of the competition.

15 Steem Prize pool

1st place6.00
2nd place4.00
3rd place3.00
4rt place2.00

cc..@steemcurator01 , @steemcurator02 , @steemitblog

See you soon.

Stay home, Stay safe. Be aware of Covid-19.



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what a great contest, good luck guys

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 2 months ago 

Hi : @sm-shagor

I sent you a message on Discord. Can you control the message box ?

 2 months ago 


Muy bello concurso . Seguro en el próximo estaré participando .

sorry but 19 days gone. Result???

sorry but 19 days gone. Result???