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RE: This is called the HIVE AirDrop Exclusion List. (HIVE 에어드랍 제외 대상 목록이라고 합니다.)

Why do you care if HIVE isn't going to give you any free tokens? You still have your steem, let people do what they want with their stake


Why wouldn't they? Hive is a steem fork and the existence is going to crash steem. If the community was going to leave to a new chain and exclude everyone but you, you would probably be pretty annoyed about it as well.

let people do what they want with their stake

Says the person defending the exclusion of certain steemians stake.

Boo hoo, should have thought of that before siding with Justin!

Some people made mistakes voting for the wrong ppl in the confusion while trying to help and now will be possibly excluded smh (including me) I shoulda just sat on my hands and done nothing maybe? This is crazy.

They didnt side with Justin, try and keep up here. They voted for enpugh witnesses to keep a power balance and stop either side from hard forking and encouraged communication.

So then they can stick with steem! Looking for some scapegoat for a free lunch is lame, get over it and move on, we all have

So then they can stick with steem!

Again, they didnt side with justin.

Looking for some scapegoat for a free lunch is lame, get over it and move on, we all have

Thats a real strong statment coming from someone who is going to be stuffing his face with that free lunch.

Lol oh wow as if its a life-changing amount, look at me and my few extra digital cents, seriously?! You're just looking for a bone to pick!

Hey why dont you show me up and send your hive to @null instead of sitting here boasting about how you already gotten over other people not getting the same benefits that you are.

Lol because I'm not the one with the issue here

Yea, they just make a ransom to remove downvotes and shorter power down.

You mean the things Justin Sun wanted to do in the first place? They prevented Sun from hard forking the chain so that they could demand he do the things he wanted to do?

Fucking lol, again, as I asked the other guy. Please show the proof of this claim.

Proxy token posted a whole fucking post. Asking witnesses to comment on those topics. U claim to know whats going on but completely oblivious of everything that went on in last 2 weeks.

Thank you for posting a source, I actually found another one up in their blog. That said, I really don't see these as demands. More like figuring out who to vote for. You made it sound like they were threatening to vote for Sun if the demands weren't met. Or visa versa.

The only witness they were voting for that answered postively seems to be timcliff. In the post in their blog ausbitbank gave a flat no and they voted him. There were plenty of others who would give them what ever they wanted. I didn't see a comment from blocktrades or yabbapmatt or roelandp, but I doubt thats the kind of thing they would support.

These are real people you know, and unlike Sun they bought their steem at market value. They should be able to vote for witnesses that aline more to their values.

Thats what literally every other voter does.