The ethnic group of people who vote for fake witnesses to subvert community consensus.

Well, they did happen to share an ethnicity, but plenty from other ethnicities are also excluded from the airdrop due to their choice to support a centralized hostile takeover.

I don't believe Hive plans to censor opposing views like Sun has

But Hive block the air drop of the opposite thinker.

Hive decided not to gift funds to those who are hostile to it, Steemit on the other hand hid all posts that it disagreed with. If Sun achieves full centralization like he intends, then he could edit the blockchain itself and remove posts.

What I'm talking about right now is not JS's steemit. Hive said to himself opposes centralization, is blocking airdrops to opposing thinkers.

Yes, Hive is built around decentralization, like Steem used to be. That's the reason why Hive was created, because Steem had become centralized. The people who are blocked from receiving the airdrops are the people who oppose the foundation of what Hive is built on.

Who decided the air drop block? Few witnesses? That is centralization.

Yes, I guess you could say all creations begin centralized by their creators. I would say though that the witnesses were elected by the community on Steem, and after the airdrop is finished all changes to the blockchain will be made by community elected witnesses.

I am talking about the current transition. The Airdrop blocking code, which targets many people with different think, was created by a current witness who wants to move to Hive before an air drop.
It is correct to be elected and operated by vote.
However, it is problematic for future Hive Witnesses, before being elected, to decide the airdrop block now with personal thoughts.

It will be interesting to see the difference between decentralization and centralization at least.

It is impossible to ever achieve a fully decentralized platform imo, but we can do our best at working towards it. Sun's vision was a heavily centralized and censored blockchain that Hive rejects and hopes to avoid while improving the governance system. I believe the price of Hive and Steem will be a good indicator of which the community stands with (if the vast discrepancy in number of witness votes does not already)

my dad used to say 'nothing is impossible, but as long as others make you believe it is, and you believe them, then it is impossible for as long as you believe the gospel'

Anyone who is running the 0.23.0 code.

Satoshi didn't give me 100 free BTC when he launched the chain. Thus, bitcoin is centralized.

Just like how is blocking the posts of people who have been hostile to them? It's not as if the posts are being removed from the blockchain. It's just a frontend.

If we are going to say something is wrong, let's not try to colour it slightly appealing when our 'favourites' do the same thing.