The beauty of flowers, as well as the difference between ornamental flowers and wild flowers.

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Back on this occasion, I will try to review a little about flowers, talk about flowers, of course, are always identical with women, because in our daily life, it
is apparent that womenfolk prefer flowers more than the adam, and for the type and name of flowers may not be able we reveal here, because there are millions of types of flowers that exist on this earth, but what I will try to discuss this time is the difference between decorative flowers and wild flowers.**





Flowers in Latin (FLOS) are sexual reproductive organs in plants that have flowers or also called Divisio Magnoliophyta, which are plants that have closed seeds, flowers have reproductive organs, reproductive organs in flowers include stamens and flower pistil itself .

As we know, flowers can appear together or singly, and botanically the meaning of flowers is the part of plants that can produce seeds from pollinating flowers and fertilization, this process always occurs in the reproductive process of flowers, and after fertilization, flowers will continue to develop further to the fruit, in flowering plants, fruit is the main force that will carry and protect the seeds, and from these seeds will produce new flower seeds.



Flowers or ornamental plants.

Decorative flower is a type of plant that is planted in a place that is protected from pests and is always cared for, to create the impression of beauty in that place, the beauty and beauty of flowers, can create the attraction of every eye that sees it. Ornamental plants or flowers are identical to plants that are generally planted on the yard of the house, either planted on the ground directly or using a pot as a place. In general, our goal to plant ornamental flowers is to get an impression of beauty for our homes, that's a little description of the plants or ornamental flowers that I know, now we proceed to the next discussion, namely wild flowers.


Wild flowers or plants.

Wildflowers are growing and developing in the middle of weeds or forests can also be on the side of the road, called plants or wildflowers because they grow and develop naturally, without any human care to plant or care for and protect it, even there are certain types of This plant does not have a name or is not popularly known by humans. Its growth can be anywhere, it can be among weeds because it is not intentionally planted grass for greening and garden decoration such as those in the yard of our house, Although the wild flowers are very beautiful when when we see it, but because wild plants are not known as ornamental flowers and also do not have a name, then the growth of wildflowers is the same as with weeds, wildflowers are often uprooted, cut to be leveled with the ground because of its existence is considered a nuisance plant.



That's a little review from me about plants from ornamental flowers and wild flowers, keep the spirit live your day, stay safe, stay at home, protect our families from the corona virus pandemic and have a nice day.

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