The importance of mangrove trees for natural ecosystems, and the benefits for humans.

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Maybe the word mangrove is familiar to us, but do you know what mangrove is? "Mangrove" is one of the tropical plants and their communities that grow in the intertidal region, the intertidal area is an area that is very influential on tides, and in general we can define mangroves as a tree or bush that grows below the water level highest in tides in the spring.

Morphological and Physiological Characteristics of Mangrove Plants

Root System.

In general, mangrove habitat soils become anaerobic or so-called airless soils, when submerged in water, so thus some species of mangrove plants develop their characteristics with a root system.


In general, all mangrove species produce fruit that is usually scattered or dropped in water, mangrove plant species form fruits such as cylindrical, bulb, and nuts.

Salt Gland.

Some species of mangrove plants develop a system that is suitable for high salinity conditions, such as certain secretory organs which we call salt glands. Avicennia, Aegiceras, Acanthus and Aegialitis function to control the salt balance by removing the salt from the salt gland, that is how the mangroves regulate the salt glands.


At first glance there is nothing special about the mangrove forest when I stand while soaking to the knees. Glancing between the leaves hoping for sunlight to penetrate to feel the warmth behind the humid atmosphere.

Not only our nature as humans must thank these mangroves, and the flora and fauna that live in this forest are also very thankful and rely on mangroves as their paradise. Some species of fish, reptiles and mollusks live and live in this brackish swamp, as well as several species of birds that live there, so that the predators namely snakes feel very peaceful in it, if we look deeper into the mangrove forest, there we can learn and know that there is a complex food chain, so like a miniature world life, it will not run out if it continues see the good of this mangrove without seeing the reality, so that's the importance of mangroves for the flora and fauna ecosystem, so for humans what is the importance of this mangrove plant? let's learn more.



some benefits and the role of mangrove forests for humans:

Preventing Seawater Intrusion.

Seawater intrusion is an event of seawater seepage into the mainland land, because this sea intrusion can cause groundwater that exists around the coastline to become brackish so that it is not good for human consumption, This makes the Mangrove Forest has a function to deposit mud on the roots mangrove trees so as to prevent the occurrence of sea water intrusion to the mainland, which is very beneficial for human life.

Prevents Beach Erosion and Abrasion.

Erosion is a process of soil surface erosion by water flow, while abrasion is a process of soil surface erosion, so it is different from erosion, but both of them are the process of erosion, due to the waves crashing from the sea, this is where the function of mangrove forest plays a role, Mangrove Forest has strong roots and efficient in protecting the land in coastal areas, so that it can be a protector of soil erosion due to water lunge or sea waves.

As a natural deterrent and filter.

Mangrove forests are usually full of muddy mangrove roots, which are the roots that can accelerate the decomposition of organic waste carried around the coast, besides organic decomposition, mangrove forests can also help speed up the process of decomposing chemicals that pollute the oceans, such as spills oil from sinking vessels, or leakage of offshore drilling pipes, and also deterred from homes to wash dishes and clothes, mangrove roots also play a role as a natural barrier against strong sea winds in certain seasons which crash onto land or into residential areas.

Contributed in the formation of the island and stabilize the coastal area.

Mangrove forests are often said to be land-forming forests because their sediments and soils retain growth of coastline over time and all the time, this continues and will stop if mangroves disappear or become extinct. Mangrove growth can expand the coastline and provide opportunities for terrestrial plants live and develop in land areas, such as, viviparous fruit that carry water will settle on a shallow base, can develop and become a collection of mangroves in the new habitat that they grow, Over a long period of time this new habitat can expand and over time will become or form its own island.

That's a little of my presentation this time about mangroves, the point is to take care and care for nature, then they will take care of us in living life on this earth, thank you and have a nice day.

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