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RE: This is called the HIVE AirDrop Exclusion List. (HIVE 에어드랍 제외 대상 목록이라고 합니다.)

I appreciate this post. The HIVE hackers have alot to answer for. It is important to see what the secret forkers are doing behind the scenes.

SteemPeak has turned into a HIVE shill tread, hopefully the bee's buzz off soon and stop the spamming. Oh I forgot they are all cross-posting lol.


Lol.... not sure if they are hackers. But great opportunist, they surely are.

Well as an investor, I can't be more pleased with how things turned out, I figured there was a hardforked planned, and I knew the exchanges will likely support as well as freeze for maintenance (per usual with a coin fork). I manage to sell 1/2 my Steem for avg close to 8000 Satoshis, and remaining 1/2 I got free Hive from Bittrex which I can freely trade.

Now, I'm just waiting for Hive to get bid up by fomo investors (aka bag holders) before selling a nice portion of my stake on bittrex for even greater much ego an too little thinking = opportunity.

Justinsun and witnesses have full control now. If you want you guys can do whatever you want, here are some extreme examples:

A) make 1 day powerdown for ONLY the exclusion list and of course justinsun's friends like binance and houbei.

B) Freeze all Hive benefactors, the old witness, dolphines, orcas, and whales who are now doing 100% powerdown OR freeze their transfer in a hardfork that say > 1,000 SP (Same as what they did to you guys), so they can't sell and dump Steem until it goes down 90% in value from 2600 Satoshi to like 260 Sats to push existing Steem users out (and trust me they will do this, I already have right at Steem's last peak price in Satoshis).

C) Hell... you can just mute all the big Hive accounts on Steem with a hardfork...... but what would be the fun in that?

Basically the possibilities are endless.


....Unfortunately, you don't have much time. The big powerdown starts coming down in 2-3 days time (or at least until Bittrex allows deposits....Thank god i took the gamble and deposited into Bittrex before the shit hit the fan!)....then Steem will crash unless these big duo Steem/Hive stake holders can't sell.

Good luck trying to talk to Justin to get his support to take action now.

Sounds like fun to me lolz. The Bees/Steemit Classic are focused on stealing's audience, they deserve whatever is coming to them.

B) Freeze all Hive benefactors - is a valid point you made and maybe they should get a taste of their own medicine.

They declared war against this platform, so Justin Sun TRON should war on and show them no respect at all.

You clearly know what you are going and have made the right moves. Thanks for sharing.

Ha! will never happen man. Justin isn't fast or smart enough or even cares, in my opinion He was just after making a quick buck with getting Steem on the cheap, instead of just powering it down, he gave the old guards of Steem the excuse they needed to make some $$ and take Steem's sake for their own, not to mention all the free witness votes the top20 got from all that happened.

I could be wrong, but , 0.1% chance Justin will implement anything timely to counter the moves.

Come over to Hive, it's just like old Steem, only everyone there is now richer thanks to Justin.... lol.

Maybe, maybe not? Time will tell. I will watch the power battle unfold.

The monetary gain is not really my thing, but I think Money is the main driving force for HIVE, helping to escalate the hate towards Justin or any buyer that wants in on the party.

I will be staying with Steemit and the projects still involved. Thanks for the offer and I wish you well :)

money is the driving force for all of these blockchains. Without the money for incentive, the blockchain is pointless.

Hi there

I've been reading through many comments related to new hive chain and I've seen your comment too. Many users are being torn, however majority seem to be moving to new hive.

Are you fully moving there or will you stay on both chains? Just curious. I'm trying to figure out what to do myself.

I have moved over to just hive. I generally don't like the extra work of posting on multiple platforms so I decided to just do hive.

Big Thx for your reply. I think i will stick around on both chains for time being.

I also figured that you may find this post interesting and worth your time:

It's post published by good friend of mine and I'm helping him to promote their curation trail.

@dj123 Can you access your hive wallet yet?