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RE: This is called the HIVE AirDrop Exclusion List. (HIVE 에어드랍 제외 대상 목록이라고 합니다.)

How do you define "blockchain"? Is it just a centralized database controlled by one person or something more? How can you support someone who intends to run a blockchain like a centralized database? "Ethnic cleansing" is absolutely ridiculous. This isn't about race at all, it's about those who chose to attack Steem and made it clear by their actions they are not interested in what Hive represents (decentralization).

That said, I didn't agree with the criteria used or the subjective method for how it was determined. I understand the perspective of those who came up with it, but I would have preferred to just exclude the Steemit ninja-mined stake just as v0.22.2 did. You can read my witness post here for more details. Those who were excluded can submit a proposal to get their Hive tokens, as far as I understand.

Don't forget your steem is treated the same.

Maybe something is lost in translation here, but what do you mean by this? Do you mean in the future Hive might restrict your tokens? I would not support that as long as I'm a witness. This initial launch of Hive is about separating out those who actively attacked Steem by centralizing it.


Link to submit proposal because i rushed to action when this all first started and left a couple witnesses selected by mistake before i found out who was who, and boom i'm forked out of the airdrop. Let me know if/when they have a link for this.

I'm not sure what the overall solution will be, but I suggest keeping track of proposals here:

I hope something gets worked out.

Head over to the Discord and chat people up. I'm sure you'll find a solution.

Judging from the previous conversation, I believe that you are worth talking to.

You read lots of replies (including some on your own posts) or postings that explicitly say "korea" and/or "chinese". I don't think we need more evidence.

I am still waiting for the official airdrop and launch to confirm. Yet, such discriminate behavior contradicts the main value of Hive - decentralization.

Will write more after the fork. Good luck.

The criteria is clear,
1 vote for more than 2 fake witnesses and has more than 1000.SP

Do you not get the intent of this selection?

Unfortunately, the criteria is not clear. Take a look at my votes.
It will come back to you like a ninja mining stake.
Shady start once again.

Sorry to see that, Did you apply to the airdrop appeal?

Edit: I see that you will get your token and it was a mistake.

Hey Luke, as you can see on this post, @proxy.token has voted both side of them to buy time to talk each other. Many of Kr members wanted to protect this place. But initial launcher of Hive has treated us like a stranger or sock puppet of tron.

Every STEEM holder has their own voting right to 30 witenesses. That is a fundamental utility of STEEM. But you guys has excluded accounts that has voted to tron 2 or more. Do you think this is reasonable and decentralized way? How could you..

You guys already did violation of property right 2 times. HIVE is the most centralized and censorship-powered blockchain ever.I don't want to see the token listing of Permissioned blockchain on our Korean crypto-exchange.

Your property is not being touched. You owned STEEM, you still own your STEEM. What you don't own is HIVE, but you never owned it, so no one has touched your property.

Word. Truth is truth regardless of who says it.

You tried playing kingpin. It wasn’t sustainable. I loathe to say it but proxy.token’s return was the worst powerplay I’ve ever seen.

Nevertheless I totally appreciate that PT switched to maintaining a no HF status and I absolutely do not support a free platform where one can not vote freely. In this whole situation, ever since 22.2, nothing has gone right. Nobody EVER made any positive moves, it was a never-ending disaster, made worse day after day.

OMG! Another leech is coming. A real disaster is Steem has lots of farmers, like you, til now.

Thank you for the compliments. Sadly enough, I actually do support the PT side in the airdrop debate. I also did express my respect for installing the status quo.

I guess not, I guess I’m merely a leech and a farmer apparently. Too bad about all the time I invested in steem, without actually posting.

Enjoy your day and your pedestal. See you!

True, man.