It's game day as the Calgary Flames take on

The Calgary Flames take on the Vegas Golden Knights at the

Saddle Dome at 5 p.m. mountain time today. The starting

goaltender has not been named as of yet. As there was no morning skate

today the projected line up is from Saturdays skate which may be seen


The Flames go into this game with a record of :

games played 69 W 36 L 26 OT 7 points 79 sitting in third place

in the Pacific Division 3 points behind both Edmonton and Vegas.

Being that it is woman's day the TV broadcast crew will be all women.

The game may be seen on sports net and may be heard on

sports net the fan 960

After today's game the Flames take on the New York Islanders on

Thursday evening at the Saddle Dome.

Enjoy the game all!


Go the Flames I think who knows I don't.
Been a Rugby League lover it is all beyond me but love that you have the Passion for your team Eric

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