It's game day (maybe) as the Calgary Flames take on

Well we know for sure that it is Thursday and the Calgary Flames are

supposed to take on the New York Islanders at 7 p.m. mountain

tonight at The Calgary Saddle Dome. With the NBA shutting down for

what looks like the season the NHL may follow suit. Meetings were to take

place today regarding the remaining games of the regular season and the


There is no fresh news about the game today and the Calgary Flames

have not posted so far today on there website.

The only projected line up we can give you is from Tuesday practice.

Which sees Travis Hamonic in full practice and might be able to play

tonight. The rest of the Tusday practice line up may be seen here:

When we get the news about what is going to happen we will make another

post to let you know.

The Flames go into this game with a record of:

games played 70 W 36 L 27 OT 7 points 79

good for 3 rd place in the Pacific Division 7 points behind division leading

Vegas with 1 game in hand.

the game may be seen on sports net and heard on sports net the fan 960

Enjoy the game all.


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