WTA1000: Dubai: Final: Barbara Kreichikova - Garbinier Mugurus (as the Spaniard held the final meeting)

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This is a pretty interesting ending. There are tennis players of different classes. Forecasters preferred Mugurus. Moreover, quite tangible. Mostly they bet on TM20.5 and Away (-4). But the match put everything in its place. Mugurusa has a real chance to win his first tournament in 2021.

First set

Mugurus started the match. From the very first game, Kreichikova showed that she would fight to the last. She started with a break point. The truth of Mugurus was not at a loss. In the second game, she responded with her break point. The score becomes equal. In the 3rd game, Garbinier confidently wins his serve (1 - 2). In the next two games, the rivals exchanged points (2 - 3). In the 6th game, Mugurusa scores a break point and increases the lead (2 - 4).

In the 7th game, Kreichikova took the lead in the score 40 - 30. She immediately converted a break point and reduced the gap in the score (3 - 4). In game 8, Barbara wins her serve and levels the score (4 - 4). In game 9, Muugurusa wins a point on his serve (4 - 5). In the 10th game, Kreichikova takes her serve (5 - 5). The Spaniard wins 11 games on her serve (5-6). In the end, the set was brought to a tie-break. And again it was an equal game. At the end, Mugurusa was able to snatch the victory 6 - 8. The result of the set: 6 - 7.

Second set

Barbara went first to serve. In 1 game, a fight ensued. It was somewhat "exactly". Mugurusa was able to realize a break point. The score becomes 0 - 1. In the second game the score was 40 - 30. Kreichikova gets into the net: 40 - 40. Barbara immediately gets “more”. Mugurusa compares the score. After 2 more "exactly" and played breaks, Mugurusa was able to take a point on her serve (0 - 2). The game lasted over 7 minutes. In game 3, Kreichikova wins her serve (1 - 2). In the 4th game, without any problems, Mugurusa wins his serve (1 - 3). In game 5, Barbara wins a point on her serve (2 - 3). In the 6th game, Kreichikova was leading 40 - 30. But Mugurus equalized the score. After several “even” breaks, Mugurusa takes a point on his serve (2 - 4).

The seventh game is won by Kreichikova (3 - 4). Mugurusa wins game 8 (3 - 5). The ninth game was decisive. Mugurusa scored a match point on the second try. She won not only the set, but also the match. Mugurusa won the tournament. The score of the match: 0 - 2 (6 - 7 and 3 - 6) The bet H2 played (-3.5).

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