WTA1000: Dubai: Semi-final: Garbinier Mugurusa - Eliza Mertens

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The Belgian tennis player continues to demonstrate a high level of training. On the way to the semifinals, she did not give a single set to her rivals. Mertens unexpectedly managed to outplay Pegula and reach the ½ finals. In this meeting, tennis predictions are made in favor of Mugurus. The privateers think Garbinier performs more consistently. She is able to reach the final of the tournament. We read the overview of the meeting.

Set number 1

Muguruse's lot was the first to serve. But she, unexpectedly, could not take a point on her serve. Mertens stepped forward with a break. But due to the double and uncertain play on the back line, Eliza did not keep the advantage. Mugurusa answered with a break point and equalized the score (1 - 1). In game 3, Mugurus was 15 - 40 behind. But she evened the score. Immediately wins 2 draws in a row. The score becomes 2 - 1. Mugurusa continued the onslaught. She converted a break point in game 4, making the score 3 - 1. In the fifth game, on her serve, Mugurusa wins at 0. In the 6th game, Mertens led the score 15 - 40. But Mugurus equalized the score 40 - 40. After a few "exactly", Mertens was able to convert her serve (4 - 2).

In the 7th game, Mugurusa wins a point on his serve (5 - 2). But Mertens did not give up. She won the 8th game (5 - 3). In the 9th game the score was "exactly". In the end, Eliza was able to put the squeeze on Mugurusu. She realized a break point and reduced the gap between her rival: 5 - 4. Mugurusa did not agree with this state of affairs. She achieved a break point in game 10. Set score: 6 - 4. She took the lead in the match: 1 - 0.

Set number 2

The first to serve was Mugurus. Mertens imposed a fight. After several "exactly" Mugurus put the squeeze on her opponent. She was able to score a point on her serve. In the second game, Mugurusa won 40 - 15. But Mertens was able to equalize the score: 40 - 40. In the end, Garbinier was able to win her serve. After that, the rivals exchanged points (2 - 1). In the 4th game Eliza takes her serve: 2 - 2. Mugurusa wins the 5th game: 3 - 2. Mertens was able to win a point on her serve: 3 - 3.

Mugurusa won a point on her serve: 4 - 3. In the 8th game, the Spaniard was able to convert a break point. She went to serve for the set and the match. In the 9th game, Mertens was leading in the score 30 - 40. But Mugurus equalized: 40 - 40. After that, she reached the match point. But she could not implement it. Mertens counts straight. After that, Mertens wins the rally by over-scoring. Immediately, she converted a break point and reduced the lead for the Spaniard: 5 - 4. In the 10th game, Mugurusa had three match points. But Mertens was able to make the score "exactly". Immediately Mugurusa wins the rally. But I could not realize the next break. The Belgian wins the next drawing. Ultimately, Mertens wins the game on his serve: 5 - 5. In game 11, Mertens was able to convert her break point and took the lead. She prepared to serve the set. In the 12th game, Mugurusa answered Eliza with her break point. Seth was transferred to a tie-break

Tie-break of the 2nd set

The first to serve was Mugurus. She took a point. Eliza wins the next 2 rallies: 1 - 2. Immediately Mugurusa wins 1 - 3. Mugurusa wins his serve 2 - 3. Garbinier equalizes. The Spaniard wins 3 consecutive rallies: 6 - 3. Eliza takes 2 points in a row in the next 2 rallies (6 - 5). Mugurusa takes the decisive point: 7 - 5.
Spanish tennis player wins set and match. Set score: 7 - 6. Match score: 2 - 0. Mugurusa, predictably, reaches the final. True, I had to play 23 games.

Author: @jurgan

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