WTA1000: Guadalajara / Final /: Eugenie Bouchard - Sara Sorribes-Tormo (final without intrigue)

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Eugenie made it to the finals relatively confidently. But at the same time, she no longer shows a stable game. Sarah is in the TOP-100. When making predictions for tennis for the finals, privateers give preference to Sorribes-Tormo. Moreover, many take odds on games at Sarah -3.5. But the match will show who is really stronger today. In the only one-to-one meeting, Sarah was victorious.

First set

Oddly enough, but in the first set, the sensation did not happen. Sorribes-Tormo confidently outplayed her opponent. Eugenie was able to take only 2 points. Sarah realized her break points. She confidently won the first set 2 - 6.

Second set

Set # 2 Sarah started with a break point. Eugénie began the set. Bouchard could not keep her serve. In the second game, Bouchard was able to take advantage of the chance and realized her break point, thereby leveling the score in the set. In game 3, Sarah implemented another break point (1 - 2). After that, in 2 games, the rivals exchanged points (2 - 3). In the 6th game, with a score of 40 - 40, Bouchard was able to convert a break point and equalize the score.

Bouchard wins the 7th game, on his serve, at "0". After that, the rivals exchanged points. Eugénie leads 5 - 4. In the 10th game, Eugénie tried to catch her opponent's serve. The score was equal: 40 - 40. But Sarah was able to win a point on her serve (5 - 5). In the 11th game, Sorribes-Tormo converted a break point and took the lead. She went to serve for the set and the match. Sarah was able to realize the match point from the very first attempt. She wins the set with the score: 5 - 7. Result of the match: 0 - 2 (2 - 6 and 5 - 7). As you can see, the predictions for the tennis final match in Guadalajara were played to the full. F2 (-3.5) came in with interest.

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