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Welcome back to my blog again.

As today is the Bak full moon poya day, it was a holiday for both of us and ready to convey our healthy routine we worked on. As usual, we got so busy with Yohana’s schedule but anyhow found some valuable time for us.

Got some leisure time, when Yohana went to nap after her breakfast. The time was around 10.30 am which was a perfect time to have a cup of tea. Hence my husband suggested to have a cup of green tea with some dates.

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Here dates and green tea purchased from the supermarket we visited yesterday. We bought 500g of Barari fit premium dates and a pack of Basilur exclusive premium quality Ceylon green tea.

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Why I speak out our snack was healthy because dates are natural premium Arabian dates free from preservatives and any genetically modified materials. Normally in Sri Lanka, we found sugar-soaked dates with more sugar flavors. But this is originated from the real Arabian dates with no any ingredients. Need to store it in a cool and dry space. Nutritional value is rich in it and with no cholesterol.

  • Its nutritional composition is as follows.

NUTRITION VALUEQuantity per 100g
Total Carbohydrate80g
Invert Sugar73g
Dietary Fiber7g
Fat (Saturated)0.43g

We preferred Sencha 100% Pure Ceylon Green Tea from brand of Basilur. It contains nothing but 100% pure Ceylon green tea with no any additives. When brewed, it transforms into a mild golden yellow color. It served an authentic tea drinking experience for us by rejuvenating our taste buds.

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  • Contains healthy bioactive compounds.
  • May improve brain function.
  • Increases fat burning.
  • Antioxidants may lower the risk of some cancers.
  • May protect the brain from aging
  • May reduce bad breath.
  • May help prevent type 2 diabetes.
  • May help prevent cardiovascular disease.

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Hi @a-lass-wonders, what a healthy snack you had with your husband. In comparison, I usually eat sweet bread with coffee and milk in the afternoons if the situation allows. I have tried dates before and didn't like them very much, however, their goodness is undeniable. The green tea they drank caught my attention, now I want to buy one for myself. I still remember the time when I drank all my older sister's tea sachets =)

This is a good way to maintain healthy habits and treat yourself every now and then. You are a great example to follow in this time of crisis. I think such a healthy eating and moderate exercise routine is what we all need to keep us all safer.


 2 months ago (edited)

Thank you for your valuable comment @leonelb ❤️

Better you try these kinds of healthy foods every possible time. Definitely, it will cause a long healthy life with beloved ones. 🤗

Wish my article motivate more people to choose healthy foods at least during this crisis period.


If that is your goal, you have achieved it perfectly @a-lass-wonders. I hope you continue to share content on how to lead healthier habits.

 2 months ago 
From my point of view, the date is one of wonders in the gulf region. As you described above, it is rich with lots of nutrition and that taste never be given up and anyone who tastes once will be addicted.

It is cultivated all over the world and mass production will be generated from the gulf region which is why i called it wonder from the gulf. There are lots of varieties of dates available and some of them are so expensive and even we cannot imagine how expensive they are. (1kg = Rs.15,000.00)

Also, the Ceylon tea is well famous all over the world and this is one of our main exports and considerable revenue will be generated and supported to the Sri Lankan economy as well. But as you all are aware, things are getting changed due to short-sighted political decisions which were made during the last two decades and we may fail to uplift our product with other competitors in near future. This will lead us for a long discussion and would like to stop herewith.

This is a good article and interesting to read all and keep continuing.

Stay safe....

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Thank you @dawngrapher for your valuable and informative comment ❤️

Since you live in Oman, the Middle East you have a better idea than us about "dates". Frankly, I thought that dates are very cheap because it's a common fruit in your region.


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Looking at how beneficial Green Tea is to the system, it should be treated with much attention.
I really enjoyed reading your article.
In fact I have switched from taking any type of tea for breakfast to taking in green tea.
Thanks for your entry

 2 months ago 

Good to hear that you switched to green tea ❤️
It will be a long-term investment in a different way.

You are exactly right

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Sri Lankans, as far as I'm aware, are accustomed to drinking tea on a regular basis. Simultaneously, they are used to consuming sweet foods.

However, instead of the toxic additives already on the market, being accustomed to high-quality, delicious natural foods is the secret to living a healthy life. just like you do

Your dates really look amazing.
But am really surprised you take it eith tea, back at where i come from we only have interest in dates when we are fasting.

I mean in the month of Ramadan.

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I also use to drink green tea 2 times a day. I totally agree with your benefits regarding drinking green tea. I personally experienced those benefits. Fat burning is the main thing. For the last 2 months, I reduced my weight from 4 kilos.

 last month 

According to my opinion, for this weight reduction, green tea was not the only reason. I am sure that your dedication was effected too 🍽️ 🥗

the date is a big source of nutrition.
you had a very amazing time time with your husband. I always enjoy reading your post.
and here i m missing the Yohana in this post...

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