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Greetings from @a-lass-wonders!!

Welcome back to my blog again.

Initially hope that all are safe from the global pandemic situation. Today, I wish to speak out Yohana’s first visit to a supermarket. Now she is ten months old, and we were planning to shop with her since she was seven months old. Due to this prevailing situation, her visit was postponed for several months. Even though we felt that her visitation to the supermarket happened at her best age as her reactions.

It was one fine Saturday morning, as we were sleeping a little more. We had our breakfast immediately and dress up Yohana for the outing. It was few miles away from our home to the supermarket. Yohana loves to have car rides and this time also, traveling with her became a fun-filled experience for us. After few moments, we were able to reach Cargills Food City in Colombo road, Kurunegala.

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Yohana was anxious to visit her new location, so we stepped up to the supermarket. She was thrilled and yelled happily. Her eagerness to explore things around her denotes from her eyes. When I moved on to veggies storage shelves she tried to touch them. Really rejoiced by touching different textures of veggies. Her keen eyes were focused on the colorful veggies and fruits packed on the shelves and struggled to touch and feel them. Simply it came to my mind that, “Wow! This will be a super fun sensory activity for her to touch different textures of veggies".

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Thereby we were able to do shopping meanwhile stimulating her sensory organs also. Customers who are tired with shopping can spend some free time by dining at the Bristo café in the supermarket.

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Yohana was actively engaged with us to shop from the beginning to the end. It gave a fun-filled enjoyable memory to us and we decided to carry her to our next shopping. Yohana’s sudden cheerful screams made other customers and the staff happy.

I will upload some clicks we took during this shopping session just for your entertain.

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Thank you all for spending time to read my #slbmc post.

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By @A-Lass-Wonders
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I can see you really had a great time with Yohana; even though am a man I would love to be this close with my child one day.
Have a great life.

 3 months ago (edited)

Thank you very much @rubilu123 for your lovely comment❤️

Frankly, I am thinking that these days will be my golden days and the most memorable days of my lifetime. Spending a day with my cute princess can not express with words. 😊

Wish you will have this life experience earliset possible 🤗



Thank you @a-las-wonders.
I do hope it comes sooner and will also be my golden years.

Seems it was really an amazing experience for the little cutie 😍😍... This photos brought back memories which had with my prince. Hope all you be safe with this pandemic situation.

 3 months ago (edited)

Yes it was an amazing and lovely experience as u said ❤️

As I mentioned in my post, we were planning this visit since she was seven months old.

But now we felt that visit postponed luckily. because she enjoyed to the moon this opportunity since she can identify lots of things now than a few months back.

Her reactions were lovely on that day 😊❤️🤗


 3 months ago 

@dulhara19 please upvote and accept this as my comment to this post for the battle month contest ✌

 3 months ago 

Yohana's smile is the cutest thing I saw in today morning. ❤

Yohana was actively engaged with us to shop from the beginning to the end.

That can be clerly seen in the photos. So cute.😍 Colours and shades of all the goods in there must be a new experience for her.


 3 months ago 

Just imagine😊
For me, her smile is the first sight of everyday❤️

How lucky I am.

 3 months ago 

Such a cutie she is😍. Her smile already melts my heart. I think it would be great to give her a new experience at a young age and apparently she had a lot of fun there. But, keep her safe when going to public places. 😊

 3 months ago 

I do have a eight months old baby boy. Just as your baby girl, he is also loves to visit outside. But due the Covid 19 pandemic situation we could not able to fulfill that. However during the last Sinhala & Tamil New Year I got a chance to take him to the Unawatuna beach.

 3 months ago 

Wooow ❤️
Glad to hear that😊

But take necessary precautions when you go outside during these days ..

 3 months ago 

Yohana was actively engaged with us to shop from the beginning to the end

Yeah..she is always with her cute smile❤
Your post has been accepted. Thank you for the participation. Stay active

 3 months ago 

Thank you my friend 🤗

O my god
Your baby is so beautiful....
May God save her from.evil eye

 3 months ago 

Thank you very much 😊❤️

And its hard to stop the kids from.touching thingss in.market.

 3 months ago 

Ha! Ha! 100% agreed ✅ They need to touch everything

Great smile there Yohana has,
I am sure he really had great time during his first shopping.

Nice entry

 3 months ago 

Yes, @farhmade. she had a great time this day.

But need to say one thing here 😊
Not "HE" it should be "SHE". Ha! Ha! Ha!

We still did not pierce her ears due to the prevailing Corona situation.

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 3 months ago 

Thanks a lot ❤️