COVID UPDATES - 20/05/2021 - Sri Lanka

COVID UPDATES - 20/05/2021 - Sri Lanka


Dear Friends ,

It's getting worse day by day ! More than 3000 new covid cases reported yesterday and I expect more today. What's going wrong.. I think the apparel industry. Government didn't take actions for these factories considering the economy and political pressure. But recent cases were mostly from these factories where hundreds of new cases reported in same place. Following are the daily new cases in the past days


Not much increase in the recovery cases. But this will change in the upcoming days as government took a tricky action to make stats better. I will add the circular below.


Can't blame the government for this as we have very limited facilities. Should increase the discharge rate as much as possible and should provide facilities for critical patients. I think this is a good action strategically. But there is a possibility to discharge patients who are not 100% cured. Following are the daily recoveries of past few days.


This is the summery of current status. More green does not implies it's okey. This is a cumulative result of all three waves. So what we must note is the situation is very critical.


Stay Safe Friends.
Thank you

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I wish someday it will be gone, it will be greatest feeling in the world.

Yes ... let's hope for the best !

Corona virus affected badly our economy. In our country, when govt. Impose lockdown general people are almost starving. It is very crucial.

There is no other option for them too.. bad time for all

 2 months ago 

I heard from news health ministry tell what we got result from pcr it is not showing 100% correct valve at all.
So they imagine more than three multiple times patient got covid than real pcr positive covid 19.
So better understand real situation of sri lanka and everybody should be keep alert.

Exactly. There are issues with the test results. Hope they will improve the accuracy asap.

 2 months ago 

Sri Lanka's COVID-19 situation is getting worsened day by day. Some reports also say that all the truth is not being advertised to the public as it will create much panic around the country. However, the most important thing e all should follow is to be aware of the PROPER and CORRECT HEALTH GUIDELINES and try to boost our immune systems in all ways we could in order to fight against this virus.
Let us all wish to have a complete cure from this pandemic soon!