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Hacker Detected !



Hello Friends ,

It's @besticofinder here. I got a alert from @sridhara this morning.One of the sri lankan steemit user . His account was hacked and all the Steem and SBD were transferred to another account. When checking I noticed that the incident was true and all the Steem and SBD are transferred to this account :@robertl13 . And the hacker has attacked around 50+ accounts



And hacker have initiated power down of all these accounts , please check your wallets.

I noticed that following account were hacked :

  1. @innocent97
  2. @complapgeek
  3. @shaikharif243
  4. @uwitan
  5. @eb-indonesia
  6. @fitrahalamsyah
  7. @cepul
  8. @seul-ki
  9. @sridhara
  10. @pjo
  11. @owaniofficial
  12. @teenno
  13. @thewanderwoman
  14. @umairshah
  15. @awan55
  16. @damiansanchezr
  17. @jackz
  18. @marianycr
  19. @otsouvalas
  20. @archicil71
  21. @kojotyler23
  22. @mynameismaggie
  23. @steempower-001
  24. @nazrulpolash
  25. @pelisjake
  26. @mofidlk
  27. @pakoman
  28. @toxibuzz
  29. @n33
  30. @alisha90
  31. @rose12
  32. @iawda
  33. @heremonium
  34. @justsayings
  35. @malikamir1
  36. @wamsverrucko
  37. @bebica
  38. @sniki003
  39. @joefubuzerofive
  40. @steeming-ali
  41. @sexsusan630010
  42. @growupjv
  43. @albertvhons
  44. @redfishelp
  45. @sanuk
  46. @coolarth
  47. @theoutspokenking
  48. @tellafriend
  49. @sajibibon84
  50. @emma321
  51. @mostofa1
  52. @tun15
  53. @mdsalauddin
  54. @faisal1650
  55. @mynulshovon

I see total of 55 accounts were hacked and I like to advice them to immediately check your wallets and take necessary security actions.
Check here : What you should do now
And check this article by @xpilar : Who has access to your account, has it been hacked?

CR's please inform this to members ASAP.

Thank you.

Cc to all the CR's:-

Cameroon (@njiatanga), Ghana (@oppongk, @njaywan), Nigeria (@beautychicks, @focusnow), Uganda (@yohan2on), Argentina (@belenguerra, @fendit), Venezuela (@adeljose, @anasuleidy, @edlili24, @mariita52, @tocho2), Bangladesh (@tarpan, @toufiq777, @rex-sumon), India (@neerajkr03, @rishabh99946, @sapwood), Indonesia (@anroja, @ernaerningsih, @nazarul, @radjasalman), Pakistan (@rashid001), Sri Lanka (@besticofinder, @randulakoralage), Russia (@filinpaul, @knopka145), Ukraine (@antorv, @olesia), New Zealand (@kiwiscanfly), Turkey (@alikoc07), Mexico(@leveuf)

#hacking #alert #security #srilanka


Hi @besticofinder

See one of my previous posts and what should also be done
Keys dont matter anything if you have given access to posting to any app
it will still continue to work as posting auth (not the keys but the access token), unless you revoke access


 2 months ago 

Thank you sir. I added it to this article. Really useful for all the users !

omg... @besticofinder Thank you so much for informing and alerting us.. I think we should not wait until this happens to us, we also must be very cautious from now onward.

 2 months ago 

Yes .. be careful when giving authority to external app's

@kiwi-crypto have a look at this

Actually, when I saw this, I was a little scared. Thank you so much for letting us know about this..👍

 2 months ago 

Cool . Go through the article I have attached and get and idea about the account recovery process.

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Greetings friend @besticofinder .

This situation is regrettable; we must be alert to these attacks by silent enemies.

I will disclose this information with reesteem

 2 months ago 

Hi @adeljose ,
Thanks friend. Highly appreciated !

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whaaaaat! 😠 how could that happen? I hope he can recover the account. Guys keep your keys safe,

#onepercent #SriLanka #affable

Thank you for this.

Unfortunately there is little that can be done if people have given posting auth to apps in the past.

People need to check and revoke auth's that are no longer needed.

 2 months ago 

People need to check and revoke auth's that are no longer needed.

Exactly. Steemit users must consider this seriously otherwise they will loss their funds.. Is there any possibility to introduce 2FA (mobile) to steemit wallet ?

My God.. Thank u so much for the details brother..


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