My town in 10 pics | Colombo | 19/11/2020steemCreated with Sketch.

My town in 10 pics | Colombo | 19/11/2020


Sri Swarna Shaila Bimbaramaya Temple
Plus Code : QVWV+F5 Colombo, Sri Lanka | What3words


Welikada Prison
Plus Code : WVCH+95 Colombo, Sri Lanka| What3words


Industrial Engineering Training Institute
Plus Code : QVXQ+22 Colombo, Sri Lanka| What3words


Borella General Cemetery
Plus Code : WV5H+CW Colombo, Sri Lanka| What3words

Dematagoda Public Market
Plus Code : WVJH+2C Colombo, Sri Lanka| What3words


Katubedda Walkway, Lake & Parking
Plus Code : QVWV+HR Colombo, Sri Lanka| What3words


House of Fashions
Plus Code : WV6H+66 Colombo, Sri Lanka| What3words

#mytown10pics #colombo #srilanka


Your city is really beautiful my friend. It appears like the city is very organized, well planned, perfectly in order. But most importantly it is pretty neat and clean and that is what I always look for.

Katubedda Walkway, Lake & Parking is very relaxing. One day I would plan a trip to Colombo, explore this beautiful city.


#onepercent #india #affable

Hi, Yes colombo is well organized city compared to other cities in sri lanka. Katubeeda walkway is the place I usually do my daily exercises and it's a really nice place. Thanks for the feedback my friend


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