THE DIARY GAME : 24/02/2021 : A working day !

THE DIARY GAME : 24/02/2021 : A working day !


Dear Friends,

It was a really busy day for me. Actually I'm going though a very busy lifestyle these days as I started working with a new company. Actually I hate to be busy this much .. but no any other option. I got up around 6.00 a.m and as usual my wife gave me a phone call exactly at 6.30 a.m to wake me up. Spend around 30 minutes in Steemit checking some posts and after that I quickly got ready as I wanted to be at office exactly at 8.00 a.m. It's just 10 minutes drive to the office from my accommodation. I was able to reach the office before time.


It was a very busy day.. lot of work and I'm really stressed these days with the work load. My division was under a bad situation as the previous head left the company suddenly due to a personal reason. So every thing need to be taken to the right track. Simply I missed my lunch today too.. lol 😂 😂 . I never miss food .. that's how busy I am. lol.. 😂 😂 I was able to complete my work around 6.00 p.m. I was feeling really hungry so I bought my dinner on the way to accommodation. I was feeling really tired. Had a quick wash and came to bed with my laptop to spend some time in steemit. It's where I feel relaxing , reading cool articles from my friends. After taking the dinner .. here I'm writing my diary. Nothing special today .. just a busy day !! Stay safe guys .. !

Have a nice day.. !
Thank you

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Congratulations on the new job, you know that they are going to look at everything you do and how you do it, but surely you do it great, you just have to remember a phrase that I say a lot and thanks to it I am doing great in my work.

The following phrase (Never do what you never would never like to be done to you)

Good luck mate

Never do what you never would never like to be done to you I will keep it my mind friend.
Thank you

Mostly busy person can expect a successful future. Thanks for label me as your friend!

Thanks for joining our community.

Mostly busy person can expect a successful future
Yes , that's true

thank you, heard your praise from my friend.

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