By looking at the symptoms you will understand that you have a heart problem!

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By looking at the symptoms you will understand that you have a heart problem!

1 / Dhaka, 08 June 2018: The heart is a very important part of our body. As long as the heart is active, we are healthy. But the danger is only if there is a heart problem. So always try to keep the heart healthy and normal. Nowadays the incidence of heart attack or heart problems is much higher than before.

2 / The reason is to avoid the symptoms of heart problems such as lifestyle, anxiety, agitation. Various studies have found that women are more prone to heart attack and heart disease than men. Women should therefore take more care of their bodies.

3 / Then let's take a quick look at some of the symptoms and you will understand that you have a heart problem. Fatigue: Do you feel tired even if you don't work hard? If you feel tired for most of the day, then you have a heart problem.

4 / So if you feel unnecessarily tired, consult a doctor without wasting time. Swelling of the hands and feet ঃ Swelling of the legs or arms from time to time? But it is also a sign of heart problems. When the heart interferes with normal blood flow, it builds up in the arteries and swells the body.

5 / Again if the blood circulation is normal then the feeling of swelling decreases. Chest pain: - The biggest problem of heart problems is occasional pain in the left side of the chest. There are many people who ignore the fact that this pain is due to gas heartburn when there is chest pain. This leads to more problems.

6 / If you have chest pain like this again and again, you must consult a doctor, and have an ECG to see if there is any heart problem. Shortness of breath: Shortness of breath is another important symptom of heart problems that women often avoid. This may be due to the heart not working properly and the lack of oxygen in the body.

7 / Drowsiness: If you sleep all the time without any reason despite having a good night's sleep, then you will understand that you are having heart problems. It's time to go to the doctor's clinic. Digestive problems: Digestive problems can be seen if you have multiple heart problems. If thousands of drops, or even medicines do not reduce the problem, then you will understand that the heart is interfering with the normal blood circulation, and therefore there is a problem of digestion.

8 / Not being able to walk for a long time: Do you get tired after walking for 5 minutes? When you go to do any physical exercise, do you think the energy is over? Tension in the veins of the legs? All of these symptoms, however, point to heart problems. Irregular heartbeat: Irregular heartbeat can be due to heart problems. Consult a doctor in time and start treatment.

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