Child Fandom: Comprendre la Folie des targetébrités

What is common?

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There is no diagnosis of celebrity obsession, and in most cases, it is okay to draw your child or teenager to the latest hero.

“It's okay to praise people and every child has this ability to some extent,” says Dr. Timothy Leigh, a board-certified family mental health nurse practitioner. "Celebrities are more successful and larger than life, and kids don't always think it's movies."

Even young children are likely to become obsessed with superheroes or cartoon characters, but for teens, worshiping the hero of a singer or movie star is a fleeting ritual.

As a parent, it can be easy to think your kid's definition has to do with unhealthy obsessions, especially if you don't like their favorite celebrity. But in most cases, what you consider extreme behavior is probably normal.

“Dressing like a celebrity and looking at your style like a celebrity is a common part of trying out different identities and finding out who you are,” says Dr. League. There is nothing to worry about.

Join fan clubs, memorize little things, and spend a lot of time thinking and talking about celebrities. This is when your child's interest in celebrities begins to interfere with daily life, which can lead to anxiety.

How Much Is Too Much?

While it's okay for your child to spend a lot of time thinking about their hero, there is a limit.

For a celebrity's obsession to be considered pathological, it must meet the standard for obsessive-compulsive disorder.

“The question is, how wide is it,” says Dr League. "Is it necessary to interfere with the child's ability to perform necessary daily tasks?" As a parent, if you are concerned about your child's attention, be honest in your assessment of how this is affecting your child's life.

If your teenagers refuse to work from home to watch the Justin Bieber video instead, Justin Bieber might not be to blame. Even if your child decides to skip activities that interest them because they just want to tell their friends about their favorite celebrities, there is nothing to worry about. It's normal for teens to change interests quickly, so it's no accident to pick up another interest instead.

However, if your child is so obsessed with a celebrity that they are doing all of their activities, it might be time to talk to a doctor.

“If a kid's schoolwork is slippery and he turns all his friends into concerts to watch the computer screens in his bedroom, you need to seek a professional diagnosis,” says Dr. Leigh. Must be contacted. This doesn't mean that you should be concerned if your child spends most of their time watching a live concert marathon on a Saturday only if this behavior is permanent and regular.

And, of course, if your child is talking about serious depression or suicidal thoughts about a celebrity, it's time to contact a professional immediately. If your child truly believes his hero knows him personally or insists on giving back his love, it may be a sign that he is struggling to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

What if you don't like fame?

Even if your child's behavior falls within the range of minor compliments, you may have concerns that are not about your child's obsession, but about the person, your child has praised. On nature

"But parents still hate celebrity behavior. Just because your child is listening to music on a set behind the wheel, doesn't mean they're with a rap artist," says Dr. Leigh. His obsession is unhealthy. "Parents should do it." ask why, "says Dr. Leigh." Discuss your concerns with your children but in the wrong way.

Most of the time, your teenager will look at you with disgusted eyes and assure you that he will never consider imitating the behavior of the music he is listening to - he knows that is life, that art does not. has not.

If your toddler or toddler is drawn to undisputed heroes, there's still no need for a diagnosis, but it's a good idea to be even more active in your conversations. Young children can have a hard time figuring out what is real and what is imaginary, so find out with your child what they think about music.

Most of the time, it's okay to worry about your child's obsession with celebrities. In fact, it can be a great tool for you as a parent. Dr. League advised, “use it to your advantage”. "Parents shouldn't react negatively immediately because you can use it as a negotiating tool."

Just try suggesting that your kid can get some extra work or gig tickets with good grades, and you'll be amazed at how quickly your teen can do the laundry.

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