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Hello peeps I am so happy to participate in this contest organized by @besticonfinder It would help to foster engagement on Steemit.

I also wish to invite @sohanurrahman @nehklaus @paraclator26 to participate.

Here comes my own entry in the contest.


I woke up of as early as 6am and I observed my morning rituals viz: morning prayers, brushing my teeth etc.I had breakfast after which I then called my friends and we got set for the trip to the USHONGO hill.

Just after brushing my teeth

We trekked to the assumed extrance of the hill.USHONGO hill is one of the best highlands in Benue state, Nigeria.
Interestingly,from the assumed entry point to the hill is about half a kilometer (500 metres),that implies that we trekked half a kilometer in a rocky and narrow track.Of course we wore jungle boot and cap because the place is always hot.It was not a free flowing trek,at some point we have to jump and meander to pass through the thin track road.There were occasionally small water bodies,holes and caves.As we move,the hill gets farther,the more we go,the more the hill looked farther.We got to a point where we can't move or cross easily ,so we had to tread on a narrow bamboo wood to pass through,at this point it was frightening but we managed to pass through:we were determined.Everyone of us was tired,my legs were aching, especially the calf of my legs,the hill looked unreachable.We have trekked for hours.Guess what? after few minutes,we can breathe a sigh of relief because we are close to USHONGO hill.We can feel it,we can see it,we can smell it.Hurray!

A picture at Ushongo hill

The hill is so high,so rocky.It has got lots of caves too,the caves were cold,the coldness of the caves has helped our course because we were sweating before now.Without much Ado,we started climbing the hill, moving from one point to another.The hill was slippery,so climbing requires extreme carefulness which we strictly adhered to.We spent a lot of hours moving and climbing the hill.

Here is @samuel20 at the middle

It was fun,it was a beautiful sight,it was a dream come true for me.It was a nice experience,we had almost forgotten the stress of coming through.We had to take pictures,the pictures might look dark because the distance from the person snapping is a bit far and also the hill is so so high.

Attempting to climb the hill

Still at the hill

It was indeed a wonderful experience.We came back around 4pm,so tired and weak.I had to take a shower and I slept off.I only woke up by 7pm and I took dinner and went to bed by 8pm.What a day! what a hill!
Special thanks to @steemcurator01
@bright-obias for inviting me.

Here is a link to my introductory post

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Wow! great entry @smauel20, glad you joined the contest. Even without telling, i can see how the Hill is tall. thank you very much for sharing it, its so pleasing to know that such mountain exist. I also noticed that you are a servant of nigeria. Keep it up bro and thanks for participating.


Thanks a lot @bright-obias

I hope more people join the contest and make it more engaging.I will be participating in the week two of the contest as well.

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You're welcome to do that, i have been so busy, i would have participated however, my entry will be up sooner. thanks for complying to the contest.


Alright @bright-obias

I will be expecting your entry.Do have a great moment.

Steem on!!!!!!!

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Hi @samuel20,
Was a really interesting read my friend.
Thanks for inviting your friends to the contest
@sohanurrahman @nehklaus @paraclator26 and we love to hear their travel experiences too.

USHONGO HILL looks like a great place for a hike. How many hours did it take to climb the top ?

Please @samuel20 come and take me to the hill, because i cant be left alone naa what are friends for?
Please i will love to have a share of this great excitement and experience .
Thanks for sharing this piece with us
Hope to see great post like this some other time

Hi @paraclator26

Thank you for coming through.It was a great moment at the USHONGO hill.I hope to see your own entry in the contest.

I hope you will participate??

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Hi @samuel20 I really appreciate sharing your amazing adventure. Looks like a wonderful day you were having.. How did you reach the hill from home??

Hello @sathsara93

It's an amazing day.Getting to the hill from home was a bit stressful.The journey from the entrance point of the hill to the hill itself is such a narrow and rough road.


Wow , it's great to travel with friends. Me too like for hike. But when you do hike with your friend, it makes so enjoyable & fun. Take some food with you, you all can eat at the top. That's what we used to do here.
And Thanks for sharing your moments.....

Thank you @sridhara for visiting my blog.Travelling with friends is a great pleasure.

Do have a great moment.

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