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Hello dear friends...😃
Hope you all are well and sound.
Today I am taking you all to one of the magical places I have visited in Japan. Are you ready? 😎

A few weeks ago I found that there is a special discounted railway travelling pass (for Olympic visitors)available for foreigners until next year February. It costs 12000 yen and we can use consecutive 3 days unlimited railway rides including so-called Japanese bullet trains in the north region of Japan🚅🚅. I knew this was a lifetime chance and I had no reason to say no. Using that pass I travelled to the endpoint(Aomori)of the main island Honshu. I stayed one day in Aomori and two days in a city named Sendai. Sendai is about 350km far from Tokyo while Aomori is 720km far from Tokyo😱. As my current residency, I started from Tokyo. During the three days, I visited a number of amazing places. 😊😊 But today I picked only one place which I really love to visit again.😍😍

It is Rairaikyo Gorge. I visited there on the 3rd day of my journey.


Rairaikyo Gorge | Plus Code : 6PFH+QH Sendai, Miyagi| location

By the evening of 2nd day, I was super exhausted by walking many kilometres(about 25km).😤😤 My backpack was also a bit heavy because I had to carry everything I might need on the way such as food, water, clothes, umbrella, chargers, power supplies and many many things. Acctualy I made a really perfect travelling plan for every single minute📅. Because I wanted to get the maximum experience out of the journey and save time. So, I was on a hundred time optimised super plan. It really worked well on first 2days.

In the 3rd day, I should wake up at 6 am and should hit the road at 6.57 am to get to the first place named Rairaikyo Gorge. 5 minutes walking to the Hon-Shigoma station from the hotel and then at 7.02 train to Sendai station. Sendai is the capital city of Miyagi prefecture. Then I needed to take another train to Ayashi station which departs from Sendai at 7.39 am. There is a bus waiting at Ayashi station from 8.17 am and it arrives at the Rairaikyo Gorge by 8.29 am.
When returning, I must take the bus from Rairaikyo Gorge at 10.14 am. Because I had other places in my bucket. Then I should have about 1.30 hour to enjoy the surrounding. Technically that was my morning schedule.

As I told you I was so tired and I did not feel my legs existing. I still can feel the pain of my shoulders. Anyway, I woked up at 6.00 am and unfortunately fell into sleep again. OMG...😱😱When I woke up again it was 6.24 am.
I got ready as fast as I could and ran to the station.🚀🚀 Anyway, I missed the scheduled train. 😥😥What to do. Then I checked my plan B and according to it, I would be at Rairaikyo Gorge by 9.21 am. No matter what I must return back on 10.14 bus. So, I had only left about 40 minutes to enjoy. so, I made my mind and proceeded with plan B. 😑😑

Finally, I arrived there. As soon as I got off the bus I ran to the place. It was not far from the bus stop.


Starting of the trail | Plus Code : 6PFH+QH Sendai, Miyagi| location

wooooooooooooww. 😍😍😍😍 It is a little paradise. I never regret going there for at least 1 minute. It was a magical place. Trust me, I could not believe my eyes. This is the autumn season in Japan. So, every maple trees have converted to something divine, something looking magical and extraordinary. 🍁🍂🍁🍂 I can not find any words to explain that beauty. Because I have never seen anywhere such colours. Nature is a wonderful thing.✨✨And I am 100% sure these photos may not be able to prove or do justice for the real experience but only naked eyes.


The Gorge | Plus Code : 6PFH+QH Sendai, Miyagi| location

Rairaikyo Gorge is a small river path. The river banks are so narrow and tall. So.. most of the places, from the water level up to the top are covered by trees. Some places are all rocky walls. And also I could see big rocks in the river forcing the water flow to be slow down. The water which hits the rocks and surrounding colourful vibrant trees really make a something out of this world.


Autumn colours | Plus Code : 6PFH+QH Sendai, Miyagi| location


Along the trail | Plus Code : 6PFH+QH Sendai, Miyagi| location

To be honest I had no much time to enjoy all the beauty. I had to run.🏃🏃 Because all I had was about 40 minutes. Earlier I decided to run 20 minutes along the river bank as long as I could and 20 minutes return run.
Luckily I was able to reach one of the endpoints of the hiking trail downside the river.🙆🙆 I was the only foreigner who was there. Because of the Corona pandemic, there are no much foreign travellers anywhere.

Running | Plus Code : 6PFH+QH Sendai, Miyagi| location

Along the way, I saw some notice which warning about bears🐻🐾. Thank god, I did not encounter any.

Not scared of bears until I meet one | Plus Code : 6PFH+QH Sendai, Miyagi| location


Found a waterfall on the way | Plus Code : 6PFH+QH Sendai, Miyagi| location


What can I say about this | Plus Code : 6PFH+QH Sendai, Miyagi| location

I really wanted to stay longer but I had no choice but return. Talking about the hiking trail, it was also narrow and covered with fallen autumn leaves. wooow...There were lots of obstacles, rocks, roots and steps on the way. I got the maximum out of my remaining minutes and was able to return to the bus halt by 9.58 am. I was completely soaked with my sweat because of running. I still had a few more minutes to the bus(10.14). so I took a few minutes rest, drank some energy drink and had some cookies.🍼🍪🏋


Oh look! found an innocent rabbit on the way | Plus Code : 6PFH+QH Sendai, Miyagi| location


Down below | Plus Code : 6PFH+QH Sendai, Miyagi| location

Then had a final look around the area and got into the bus😳. About 1.42-hour riding I came to Sendai city and headed to my next travelling destination Matsushima Bay. It is also a wonderfully different experience. I will talk about it with you in a later day. So.. meanwhile, enjoy Rairaikyo Gorge the little paradise.💐💖💖

Ah, I added a screenshot of google map location so you can get a rough idea about the place and where I was.


map, partialy eidted | japan | credits to Google map

Thank you for reading my journey and see you all soon again in a different place. Have a nice day.

And please do not forget to join this amazing contest which is conducted by Sri Lanka-ශ්‍රී ලංකා community. You can find the contest here and start writing right now. We are looking forward to read your amazing stories.

And also my special thank to @besticofinder for organizing this kind of an awesome event.

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 2 months ago 

Greetings @sathsara93, Thank you for submitting the first entry of community contest !

It was a magical place. Trust me, I could not believe my eyes. This is the autumn season in Japan.

Is that the reason why trees are little yellowish than green ?

Thank you @besticofinder .. 💗💗
yes it is because of autumn..
and not little yellowish.. it is all fully vibrant during the autumn.

 2 months ago 

Wow ! Amazing.. the colors are really amazing ..


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Good article and so beautiful pictures...😊
Looking at your article, I think you have a good opportunity. Also, when I looked at these pictures, I thought it would be nice to see this place.


@nishadi88 Thank you soo much. 😍
yes of course.. it is an amazing place to give a visit.
Although we don`t have a big seasonal changing in Sri Lanka, there are also thousands of amazing places... 😃
I am waiting for reading your journey.....
Thanks again..

You have captured eye -catching photos! Nice photography and well written. After reading, It's like I travelled the journey.

Thank you for reading my journey and see you all soon again in a different place.

Yes please share the beautiful places you have travelled in Japan.

Have a great day!

#onepercent #srilanka

@vishwara Thank you sooo much for your kind words..
of course, I will keep writing about them.. thanks again😃😃

It's very nice article with amazing pictures. I felt somewhat jealous with while reading this article. Because i really love to visit the places as above.

Hi @krishna94 Thank you very much for your kind words.. 😍😍They really do mean a lot. Thanks again..

Actually this is not a key spot for Autumn viewing in Japan but it never disappoints us. You can enjoy every single bit of it if you can get there in real.. a wonderful place.. There are thousands of places like this and even more beautiful.. I will try to write about them (which I have visited)in the future...

So.. Thanks again......😃😃😃

There are thousands of places like this and even more beautiful

You must be talking about heaven then 😱 Btw, how do you rank the beauty of our country and Japan?

#onepercent #SriLanka #affable

@virajherath yes of course.. it almost gives the feeling of something out of this world..
it is not heaven but something extra ordinary which we can not feel in our country
just imagine your under this tree and everywhere surrounding you looks like this and more...
talking about the ranking and being honest, both can not be compared.. but in my opinion, Sri Lanka is a gem which should get carved and polished much more..Because we enjoy it as it is.. I think we better optimise the beauty and add additional value to the places... Then it will be glittering much moreeeeeee...

Because we enjoy it as it is..

True, sometime when I visit my village I really don't want it to be changed. Adding more to your point maybe we Sri Lankan need more knowledge about protecting the natural environment around us. Japan has done that beautifully ❤️

#onepercent #SriLanka #affable

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