We Are Not Allowed to PLAGIARIZE

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The Sri Lanka community has chosen to make important moves on who has posted counterfeited contents inside the community. The rules have been diverted in a strict way to keep the quality and progression of all members in the community. Further, the posts with counterfeited contents will be muted or quitted the user.

As per Wikipedia definition,

Plagiarism is the representation of another author's language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions as one's own original work.

Making posts doesn't mean copy paste idea. The bloggers ought to have a decent mindful about the things you are going to write in your substance. The steemit is unmistakably searching for the posts which have quality, remarkable and great contents. But still copied substance are out there and it will draw the future of Steemit into a great danger.

The absolute first thing that we have noticed is, users have revised the contents just by eliminating two-three words and make similar sentences by replacements. This way will never get achievement and it will never make your post quality and commendable. We emphatically remain to look at every single sentence in all posts and give a verification about the contents that you have posted in the Sri Lanka Community.

• you are not allowed to post any plagiarized content

• Plagiarized contents will be reported with a comment (1st warning)

• Plagiarized contents will be muted without an announcement (2nd warning)

• User will be quitted from the community

• Do not make cross-postings

• Do not post any violation contents

• Use correct source links and try to get images that are not subjected to copyrights

• Use proper markdowns to indicate copied contents

The posts that are not refined given standards will be quieted for the wellbeing of the community and its members. You can create your own contents with any topics. Read and take ideas from outside resources and make quality and worthy contents by adhering to your knowledge

If you need further clarification regarding this or any other problem, you are feel free to join Telegram Group


thanks for the information, I am very motivated, stealing or copying other people's articles is not a good thing

 5 months ago 

You are welcome. In future, I hope to see you with your best posts here

I will try to love the best

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Thanks for ur instruction.I think it is a good post to us🙂

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You are welcome☺️

Wow your post is very good I have gained a lot from this and I have taken a lot of information And keep the next post as well So glad i read your post

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Thank you and I will do my best

I strongly agree @sindi16 , if someone makes plagiarism mandatory to be eradicated, I hope the Sri Lankan community will do very well, greetings of friendship ...

 5 months ago 

You are welcome to the community

thank you very much my friend @sindi16, i am very happy to hear it ,,, thank you ..

thanks for the valuable information