What You Have to Do on Steemit (A Simple Guide)

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Hello everyone who is joining us and you all are welcome to the community. As a newcomer, you may confuse with, where to start? And what should I do now? Here we go with some information that you will be helped and guided to this platform.


Steemit is a place where you can enjoy and engage with new members all around the world. Always be polite and be respectful with others and don’t try to make harsh criticism on others opinions. Share your perceptions and friendship with the users and have fun.

Further, steemit is not a place that you can make posts to be paid. There is a system to run all these things and try to understand them. Take Steemit as a subject to be studied and hit the highest rank here. very recently I’ve noticed that there are more newcomers without proper understanding about the Steemit. And also, you can go with the achievements, but don’t be too quick just to complete those achievements without taking their knowledge.

While you are engaging with steemit, you have to understand what are the basic concepts behind it. There are lot of new words and terms that you should understand. Don’t restrict only to posting and waiting for the votes. You have to earn it by doing your part correctly. Don’t wait on miracles to have happened but try to chase them.

Explore communities and select your flavours

At the very first time, you joined the steemit, you can explore the communities and subscribe them. There are plenty of communities with different types of uniqueness. You can go through with community descriptions and choose communities as your flavours. Visit here to see the list of active groups in Steemit that is organized by their themes

A place to verify as a newcomer

But with the question, where to start? You can join the Newcomer’s Community. This is the place where every newcomer gonna be verified within the platform through 6 achievement tasks. You can find out the achievements here. there is no specific time duration to complete these achievements. But you should complete your achievement 1 at least within two days since you are joined and started blogging. This is important. Because, when you start blogging as a newcomer, other users instantly wish to go through your details and try to identify you. So it’s better to complete your achievement 1 with a better explanation about yourself.

These six achievements that have been provided is the most basic but most necessary knowledge for everyone to manage and continue their account well.

Plus, you can join with Steemit Nursery that is guided by the steemit greeter team and it allows newcomers to make their fundamental qualifications.

Also, newcomers have been provided with these two opportunities to increase their account values.
Minnow supporting program
30sp delegation for newcomers open for application

Follow rules and read pinned posts in communities

When you decided to join a group and engage with its crew, basically you have to go through its rules and regulations properly. In some communities, there are no specific rules and guidelines to follow. But in some communities, they have monitored specific guidelines to be followed. And they may have given more of their community within pinned posts. Therefore, you have to pay much attention to these things when you are willing to join and blogging with a community.

Develop knowledge about the Steemit

As you are new to this platform, it’s better that you gain some knowledge about the things behind this platform and other fundamental definitions that related to this. You can go through and study the steem white paper and steem blue paper of steemit. Other than that, achievement 5 and achievement 6. Also, you can see steemit newbie roadmap to get an idea about what the steemit is and how it works. Also read this STEEMIT - A GUIDE FOR NEWCOMERS that is provided by SteemitBlog

As I mentioned before, study about the Steemit is the best way you to survive here. you can be given instructions to help you. Within instructions, you have to clear your way for the future.

Use proper markdown styles

Making your post is not just writing what you think. Instead of that try to write properly by using markdown styles. For that see this and visit here. you can make unique and creative contents in the Steemit. Come up with your own experiences, ideas, and what you have learnt in your life so far.

I hope you will get a basic idea about the steemit by visiting these sites. You can search for many more on the internet. You can go to steemitblog also get to know this. I hope everyone will try to do their best apart from only making posts here.


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