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Hi my friends,
Today I would like to introduce about Seoul, South Korea. It's my one of most attracted place in the world. I'm a Korean Drama lover, specially dramas which has stories about ancient Korea and related fictions. So I while watching these dramas my interest towards Korea has improved.
Seoul is the Capital of Republic of Korea(South Korea). Before go further I would like to add some history of Seoul,

" Except for a brief interregnum (1399–1405), Seoul was the capital of Korea from 1394 until the formal division of the country in 1948. The name itself has come to mean “capital” in the Korean language. The city was popularly called Seoul in Korean during both the Chosŏn (Yi) dynasty (1392–1910) and the period of Japanese rule (1910–45), although the official names in those periods were Hansŏng (Hanseong) and Kyŏngsŏng (Gyeongseong), respectively. The city was also popularly and, during most of the 14th century, officially known as Hanyang. Seoul became the official name of the city only with the founding of South Korea in 1948. Area 234 square miles." Source

I have watched modern Korean dramas and seen modern Seoul, but I had no chance to go there. Since I badly want to go to Korea even for few hours, I got a chance to have transit there. Last January I had to come back home due to Covid-19 sudden spread. I had no other flights and I got chance to buy a ticket from Korean Airlines at last moment. It's like I bought it before 6 hours to departure. And It had 22hours transit over "Seoul", my dream city.


My flight Which I flew to Korea was leaving back to china

I have landed there around 4a.m. Sincethen I took a nap up to moring 7.30a.m. Then i seek into airport immigration department to see whether there is chance to get transit VISA to travel in Seoul. But after may official inquiries they said I can't get transit visa and if I wanted to enter I should apply visa previously. It was so sad and I travelled inside the airport and enjoyed there.


As I expected I found a cultural center there. They have cultural shows to give some idea about their great history.
Some are playing their traditional musical instruments, some shows their traditional martial arts, some shows their traditional dancing. That show was really wonderful.






Even though I had little upset about not getting chance to travel in, this show helped me to forget them all. They had a great traditional music play for 15 min. and it was really nice. Since the show was displayed for around 1 hour, I truly felt like I time-traveled into Korean ancient Palace.


I got a photo with ancient Palace Guard

If anyone go to Seoul , he or she must enjoy at least one of Korean dishes. Since I had no chance to go out , I started to search for Traditional Korean food corners.Then I found a place with dishes that I can eat and afford. It was too difficult to find a dish since I have some food selection on my diet.And I found a Sea food dish. Sea food dishes are really popular among transit travelers and Koreans. So I had to wait for 30 min. to have my lunch Here is the food I tasted there. It was really yummy....


Even afternoon up to my flight back to Sri Lanka , I traveled inside that big Seoul airport and enjoyed it. After a long transit period I took my 10 hours flight back home.
After enjoying that few hours inside their, I strongly made a decision I will take visa and come back again to Korea as soon as possible.
But now It's Covid Pandemic season.So I may not get a chance to travel that soon. But I may not given up my dream....

So it's my own story about sudden Korea visit. Seoul is really a great tourism point. Hope you may all get a chance to visit there..

Thank you.

Hope you all enjoy reading my tour experience…


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