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Hello my friends,

It's my great pleasure to share my travel experience with you. Today I would like to introduce you Tianjin ,China.

Tianjin is one the largest economical city in china. It situated in 110km to the southern side from Beijing Capital. Here I would like to share my very first travel experience & some interesting captures while I took While travel in Tianjin.

It was begin of the winter in Tianjin when I reached there. It's less than -10 degrees some days with wind. Even with that hard weather I started my journey. Every one who travels there would like to signup every land mark in city. So I first travelled to place called "Tianjin Eye".


Tianjin Eye | Plus code : 553Q+Q2 Hebei District, Tianjin, China

Even though Tianjin is a big busy city center, the lake which runs middle of the city added more beauty. They built Tianjin Eye middle of it. I look around of the area and bought the ticket to go a round. It was 65Yuan (around 10$ )per trip and take 20min. When we reached to the highest point we can see the whole city center.
Here are some photos I took......


Tianjin Eye | Plus code : 553Q+Q2 Hebei District, Tianjin, China


Beautiful surrounding View from Tianjin Eye


Beautiful surrounding View from Tianjin Eye


Beautiful surrounding View from Tianjin Eye


Beautiful surrounding View from Tianjin Eye

Then I went to "Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street". Here we can see lot of traditional works, Chinese medicine shops, Chinese Street food, Chinese traditional art shops...etc. Here is one special person who took my while I travel there. He makes lot of Colourful candies. They were so sweet. The one I bought was around 15CYN ( around 3$ ). His artistic work should be admirable.


Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street | Plus code : 45WV+44 Nankai District, Tianjin, China


Beautiful Candy Arts

Then I stated my journey to Another specail place in Tianjin. It's Tianjin Water Park. On the way to the there, I went to see the Tianjin University


Tianjin University | Plus code : 457G+J5 Nankai District, Tianjin, China

Then I reached to the "Tianjin Water Park". It was too cold over there since it's open area. In front of the park there is Tianjin TV Tower. My plans was to go to the top of it. But it was closed to do some repairs. But to let you know it will cost you 60CYN (around 10$) per person to enter.


Tianjin TV Tower | Plus code : 35VJ+5M Hexi District, Tianjin, Tianjin, China

Then I went inside the park. There were only few people inside there since it was too cold.


Tianjin Water Park | Plus code : 35W9+44 Nankai District, Tianjin, China



So here is street view video of Tianjin city I captures. please enjoy it

I have spent whole evening in Waterpark and then return to Italian Street in Tianjin to have my dinner. It is a tourist attracted place and there are lot of both Western & Chinese restaurants. Whole the street and the buildings are constructed in Italian Style.


Tianjin Italian Street | Plus code : 46M2+CR Hebei District, Tianjin, China





Night over there was so beautiful. So this is how I spent my First visit in Tianjin. This is really good travel destination. So I would like to invite my friend after this pandemic time if you get a chance to travel go and visit these areas.

Finally I would like to thank you @besticofinder for organizing such a great competition to share our travel experiences.

Hope you all enjoy reading my tour experience…

 2 months ago 

Greetings @sridhara,
Thank you very much for sharing your travel experience with steemit. I read the post about Tianjin ,China with real interest.

-10 degrees some days with wind

This must be a real challenge for you right. In sri lanka our environment temperature is around 27-30 C. Tianjin Eye and the surrounding looks really amazing. Roads looks really beautiful with lights in night. This must be a unforgettable travel experience for you right ? Thanks for sharing with us..

I wore 3 layers of cloths to protect from cold. But my face was frozen with wind.....
my friend ,you must experience the winter weather anywhere in world in future

 2 months ago 

you must experience the winter weather anywhere in world in future

I'm happy that you are not Baba Vanga .. lol


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