‘Capital punishment is essential for the society ‘. Do you agree?

Capital punishment is defined as ‘the legal process by which a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for crime’. However, I do not believe that the best method to control violence and crime within a society is through capital punishment. No state or government should fall so low as to that control violence by the principle called an ‘eye to an eye’.

Capital punishment is a recurring incident as long as history prevailed with law and regulations. Although abolitionism is practiced by the most countries in modern era. Critical punishment in the form of beheading, disembowelment, crushing, sawing, etc. Were common up tilt the time of the second world war, in which soviet soldiers, guilty of desertion, were shot to death. Other where critical punishment was activated in an unjust way include the French revolution. Hence, a state no longer in control of its people would lose. The meaning behind capital punishment and non-violence would start getting treated by violence. Most of the time innocent people would get convicted.
My argument is that, by violating the most basic of human rights even that of the culprit’s. The state is put exactly into the same position as the culprit himself. Although he had no right to commit the crime, by taking away his life, we also take away his right to repent his misdeeds and to correct himself if possible.

I also believe the old system of public shaming and torture of a culprit is a better punishment to a criminal than death. If they know they have to live a life of pain=filled days and shame for family and friends. I strongly believe that they will consider more when committing a crime. If they are dead and gone, they do not serve much as a lesson to other potential criminals either.

Hence, I believe that capital punishment should be abolished by all countries and more effective method of violence controlling be adapted, It may be done through the implementation of ‘a life of pain’ for the wrong doer and a much stricter regulatory system. It is not essential, but can have some impact.


Thank you!


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