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It is incredible how many laps we sometimes take to explain a genre, when in reality there is nothing wrong with mentioning its clear inspiration. Forgive me purists, but I have no choice but to start by saying that Warhammer: Chaosbane is a Devil-like game inspired by the world of Warhammer Fantasy. The plot revolves around six heroes who are contemporaries of Magnus the Pious, the savior of the Empire of men. As you can imagine, the world in which we will move is clearly corrupted by Chaos. We will begin our adventure in Praag, where Teclis the high elf will ask us to help him in the most important mission with which no one can ever collaborate: to end the many manifestations of Chaos, in order to help Magnus return to the Empire the radiance that needs.

A hot spot in game console adaptations so clearly linked to a platform such as the PC is control. And is that a priori, Warhammer Chaosbane fulfills everything that is expected of the genre. Overhead camera, centered on our character, who will have to smash his fingers by constantly crushing a button to end the waves of enemies that are thrown on him. And I have to admit that in the dozens of hours that I have been playing, I have not missed the mouse option at all.


The key is in the intelligent use that the title makes of the controller, with one stick to move our character, the other to aim with our special ability, and the use of all the buttons accessible by the right hand for the use of abilities. If we hold down a button, our character will continue launching that attack, or at least, as long as he can until he runs out of energy, anchoring our character to the ground, so that we can turn to where we want to attack.


The typical inventory menus and endless skill trees have also been adapted with the intention of being handled in the most skillful way possible, with just one analog stick and one button. It must be recognized that it is a change that, a priori, may seem strange to us, but to which we will end up getting used to. Even so, in general terms, the game seems to be somewhat simpler than the typical Diablo, with automatic level increases that will be appreciated by the more direct players, but that will be a step back for the more technical ones.


In conclusion Warhammer: Chaosbane Slayer Edition is a clone of Diablo, simplified in some respects, which is exceptionally handled with a console controller. Eko Software has been able to use the background base of Warhammer Fantasy to offer an entertaining game and, above all, very diverse to enjoy with friends in multiplayer, both locally and online. It is true that it does not innovate anything about the formula that we saw so many years ago in Diablo 2, but honestly, I refuse to believe that the evolution of the genre is in an auction house or similar experiments.

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