THE DIARY GAME | 04/10/2021 | Last Weekend Before The Sinhala & Tamil New Year

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Hello Friends!

I'm back with another diary today..😊

This weekend is all about new year preparations. As usual, I started the day at 6.30 am. My dad is home for the new year's holidays. It's such a great feeling in the morning to know everyone in the family is at home. Mom made tea for us. I had my tea and moved on to tone my body. I exercised for about 20 mins and then got refreshed to continue my daily tasks. I cleaned the house and kept the morning offerings to Lord Buddha.

By then breakfast was ready. We had a simple menu for breakfast today. It was Bread and Egg Omelete. After the quick breakfast, I spent time on Steemit checking outposts in my feed. It was all interesting to read. I saw my friend @hasini has made a delicious cake [which inspired me to bake a cake for the new year. So I planned to go out in the evening to do some shopping as it's the last two days which we get to shop before the new year.

Mom has planned to prepare sprats for lunch. Cleaning sprats is a time-consuming task and boring sometimes. I helped mom to clean the sprats for lunch. Sprats is something which I love to have because it has high nutritional value.


Before Cleaning The Sprats


After Cleaning The Sprats


Tempered sprats with rice and curry goes so well...! I ate lunch twice today.

After resting for few hours we went to keels to buy some groceries including ingredients to prepare the cake. We were terribly tired after shopping at keels. It was a lot crowded and had to spend time in long queues. So we went straight to have a drink.


We ordered Faluda and Lime Juice to get back some energy

Our tiredness faded away a bit after having a cold drink. Then we headed to the House of fashions. It's my mom's favorite place to shop. Just as Keels it was also crowded we knew it as soon as we entered. House of Fashions always makes creative seasonal decorations at the outlet. This time the colors they have used were amazing.


Lovely seasonal deco's at House of Fashions


Succesfully completed our shopping for the new year

Mom and I were too busy selecting clothes. I think we spent nearly three hours at the shopping mall. We bought clothes for family and relations. It was our last shopping day before the new year. We left the shopping mall with heavy bags in hand.

Hope you enjoyed reading my diary!

A big thank you to all those who follow my blog

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Last year was a challenge for everyone when there was curfew during new year. This time we all can celebrate it free. Seems like you all enjoyed a lot in new year shopping. 👜👠👗👔🥻
And I Wish you & your family Happy Sinhala & Hindu New year...!!!🌞🌝🎂

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Yes Aiya... this time we all have the opportunity to celebrate the new year safely and happily.

I wish you the same! Enjoy your holidays.... 😄

Very beautiful and extraordinary

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Thank you! 😊

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Thanks for the support ...