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I wish to welcome all of those that volunteered to beta test Excel For All – An Excel community on the steem blockchain. I didn’t give out much detail when I was looking for beta testers. All I really said was that it was on technology that had the ability to disrupt how online communities work.

For those of you that didn’t notice, the technology used is the steem blockchain. There are many benefits of using steem but for the moment, I am going to keep it simple. You see I had an Excel community on Google+, however, Google stopped this service, leaving community owners like me high and dry. In fairness, Google was kind enough to allow community owners to download the content and certain contacts. But all the work put into building and growing a community, for me and many others were taken away by one central organization.

The steem blockchain is a decentralized platform. Meaning no one can just shut down Excel for All. The blockchain offers free transactions. For you and I that means storage of content, the ability to ask questions, help others and share knowledge all while removing the middleman (aka central organizations)

There are two further abilities of this blockchain which are rather exciting. The first is the ability to give rewards by upvotes and the second is the ability to own part of the blockchain. These are very much tied into each other but to be honest, it’s all rather complex and something I would rather detail in a separate post.

The steem blockchain is still in development. One of the newest features is the ability to create communities and this is all under beta. I am an early adopter, and as a beta tester, you are too.

Right now, I am still defining the rules of this community. What I don’t want is it to be a place of link drops. I want it to be a place of value for Excel users of all levels, where people ask questions and get help. I am also still defining the rewards structure, but I hope that will help ensure valuable knowledge, questions and answers rise to the top.

So as beta testers you are here to help me test. I have some tasks for you to complete. I don’t want to give step by step instructions, however, if you do get stuck, leave a comment on this post and I will give you any help you need.

1. Login to the community and subscribe to Excel For All (you only need your posting key to log in to the community)

2. Try to comment on a post – commenting on this post will do fine.

3. Try to create a post – Maybe ask an Excel question or do an introduction post

4. Try to upvote a comment or post by someone else

5. Check your notifications. You should have one as I have included your name in this post.

6. On the left, you will see an option to Explore communities. Select this and explore another community and try navigating back to Excel for All

7. Update your profile – This one might be a little hard to find. However, from the community, you should be able to find your wallet. Your wallet contains a tab for settings. This is where you update your profile.

8. Leave me some feedback. I am also looking for ideas on the community rules. You can do this by making a post or by leaving a comment below.

pinging all the beta testers that volunteered on via Linkedin

@gradjevinac, @f-wiyanto @excelguy, @ccosta86, @kolyu, @officeinstructor, @zen.ore, @bureau-up, @estherbennett, @jkpieterse, @darek-c, @franzverga, @xlncad, @poweraccess

Thank you again for helping and I look forward to reading the feedback.


This is my first reply. I love excel but I just join this community a week ago also newbie for steemit. I hope I can contribute more in near future

welcome to Excel for All, and to the steem blockchain. I have exciting plans for the future so I hope that you will drop by often and keep an eye on the community announcements

Ok Paula I have completed all of the steps. Just managing to find my way around at the moment. Think I need to read up on all this.

Don't spend too long reading up, there is a lot of misguided information out there. If you have any questions just ask me and I will do my best to help you. Thank you for taking the time to help me beta test. I know Excel peeps like you do a lot of community work and this will for sure be an alternative to what web2 currently has to offer. However it is still under beta and much work needs to be done before I invite the masses.

I hope that you will pop by often, and keep an eye out for community announcements as we develop this place further. I will be looking for mods to help me too if it takes off ;-)

Well, here goes nothing! My first reply on steem. Wondering what the fuss is about :-)

I think the biggest fuss for me is the fact that it is decentralized. Welcome to steem and welcome to Excel for All. Thanks you so much for taking part in the beta. how did you find the experience while carrying out the tasks? Any particular feedback?

I have no particular feedback other than that this takes getting used to just like any other new UI.
My first feedback is about the notifications, getting 50 just on a single post makes me want to filter then. Can we?

At the moment, no we can not filter the notifications or select which ones to turn on or off, but that makes excellent feedback and I agree, there should be a notifications settings.

Happy to be here!

Great to have you :-)

It's incredible what you have created here with this decentralized Excel community, @paulag.

Thanks for inviting me as a beta tester here. I hope to help contribute valuable insights on #excel, as well as provide tips on use of the new free #powersheet no-code apps & analytics platform for #msexcel.

For those interested, you can sign up at https://PowerSheet.ai for early access to free #PowerSheetAI for Excel.

Welcome to the beta test, it's great to have you on board. There is a lot of work to do to get this community where I would like it to be, but sure I have to start somewhere.

I hope that you will visit often, although I don't expect it to be busy at all during the beta phases. But like I said to others, that gives me time to make sure I have strong rules and a rewards structure in place and hopefully this community will be a valuvable asset to the Excel world.

Hey Paula! Glad to be here! Thanks for the invite.

Sorry Paula been hectic at work. I wouldn’t mind helping the beta test out, it’s Steem communities right? I think I’ve seen it. Hopefully I can access it via steempeak if not Steemit will be the method if I remember correctly.

Happy new year, looking forward to being more active in this community! I’m gonna follow everyone you tagged, joining the excel crew!

Hi @cmplxty! You can access communities via this link (for now):

Paula's Excel for All community can be accessed like that (directly):

Steempeak and eSteem will implement communities soon as well.

thanks for stepping in there @gadrian

any time! ;)

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Good luck Paula, I hope a few people take the leap of faith :)

thanks, Asher, the only way is up :-)

Hi @paulag I love Excel and like to join #hive-102332

Glad to hear you love Excel, and you are welcome to the community :-)

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