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RE: Qurator Rice-illicious Tasty Tuesday/ Tasty Tuesday 110 Entry

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Your post has been checked for the Tasty Tuesday Season 1 - M01 cook-off.

Unfortunately the Rice-illicious compulsory ingredient is Rice Flour , not Glutinous Rice Flour.

Your entry does not qualify for the cook-off contest, although we loved your effort.

Do stay tuned for the next episode of Rice-illicious challenge with a new category.

Remember, compulsory ingredient is (Plain) Rice Flour.

There's a huge texture difference between Glutinous Rice Flour and Plain Rice Flour.

Hope to see you on next month's entry!


Can I have an another entry? Or it has been closed? No worries, thank you so much.

You still have some time, around Thursday 11PM UTC time we will close the entries. Sorry about the mishap here. Guess we should have been a bit more specific. Great post either way. =)

No worries, I undersatand. Im so grateful.for the curation you have given to me. Thank you so much. I have still time to share the recipe I had used supposed to be my entry but I forgot to take a picture with me.