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I often write about hard work, effort, consistency and long term goals when I blog. I find them to be key in making anything a success. I have always believed in the fact that if you are willing to put in the work then you will get the rewards. People can see that in you and are willing to join in.
While timing, luck, vision are other big factors. I firmly believe that without the hard work and consistent effort on your part then it will not succeed long term. One of my first posts in this community was about the first steps being the hardest.

Those are the steps taken in the darkness when nobody is looking at what you are doing. This is the dirty work that is needed to set foundations of your project before people see it. These are the uphill struggles by yourself until others buy into your vision.

We see it a lot in the crypto world. Great ideas and genius people behind them but without the work ethic and foundation to make it successful. It’s easy to make something sound good. That has never been a problem. It’s a lot harder to make it work good as well. That is where the problem often lies. The vision might be there but without people to turn up every day and make that vision a reality how will it happen.

We saw a lot of this during the last bull run with everybody throwing out grand visions of what could be built on the blockchain. Great ideas and great vision of what could be. Unfortunately they didn’t have the work ethic to grind through the first steps and into the next period of a start up. I want to see hive succeed. I want to see it grow. We have been grinding all the way through the dip and the hard work has been put in. You can see the enthusiasm we have within the community and the vision as well. Decentralization is slow and sticky but it can be done.

My favorite team right now is the @splinterlands team. They have recruited the best minds from hive. They have laid out a vision. They have raised the funds and hen stuck to their promises. That is a team you can get behind. You can see them turning up every day and grinding. They are adding the hard work to their vision so that it succeeds and that is why they are the number 1 dapp in crypto.

That is what I would like to see more of. That follow through and participation. I believe that communities will play a huge part in users retention when we get the next bull market. People having a place to post and be seen. To many were lost among the spam of the last bull market and never got the chance to get addicted like the people here now. There is much more power among the dolphins of hive than there was in the past which is great news. It means that there is enough stake spread among the active users to distribute the token even further than before.

I started the #500wordsaday community with the intention of having a space for anybody to post. Create a place for interaction and to be seen by new and old users. I spent the first three weeks posting to myself while I made my first steps. Since then it is great to see more people joining in and posting, voting and engaging. I have met people that I have never seen on here before and spread my votes out even further. This is where I would like to be when we 2x or 5x our users base. Putting in the hard work so that we can grow into the future. If enough people are willing to put in that work I don’t see how we aren’t successful.

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