Live life fully. #500wordsaday

in Qurator9 months ago

If I asked you the question?

Would you rather live until 90 but never drink, smoke, party, or do any of the stupid things that make up a standard youth.

Or option B is to enjoy life fully but not make it past 70.

Which choice would you pick?

How much are those extra years worth to you?



I know that from my perspective it is better to have a life well lived than a life long lived. Maybe that is my age talking but I’ve made sure to have my fun along the way and in that regard, nothing has changed so far.

Now obviously we get a bit more sensible as time goes on.

Mainly due to work commitments. Extra responsibilities and everything that comes with growing up and moving into adult life. Perspectives change as we change and we all change as we grow older and experience more of life.

I work hard every day but in my opinion there would be no point in doing this work unless I get to enjoy the results of it. I like to live life.
I like to go out, have fun, take holidays, do stupid things and enjoy what little time that we have in this world. I can’t think of a worse way to go than sitting in a nursing home at 90 looking back at life and realizing that you wasted your chance to enjoy it.

This might not be everybody’s opinion but we have a saying in Ireland.
“You can sleep when you’re dead.”

Life is short and there to be enjoyed. We all have responsibilities but never forget to make the most of your time on earth. It’s not that long and we don’t get a second shot at it.

I can enjoy a more relaxed time now with friends and family, mainly because I spent so much time doing stupid things while I was in my teenage and college years. I wouldn’t take any of it back. Even the parts which didn’t turn out so well. You can learn from every experience and find what you do and don’t want out of life. Unless you try these things you will never know if they are for you or not.

I said yes to all of it and think that it has put me in a better place now that I am in my thirties as I know what I want going forward. Without living fully I would always wonder and have those regrets as an adult. Some of my friends are settled since that age with jobs and families but they say how restless they are since they skipped this stage.

It’s fun to do it at twenty but doesn’t look as good at thirty making these stupid mistakes and partying every night so now it’s a different type of living. Still making the most out of life but in a different way.