You must be brave to be a pioneer. #500wordsaday

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Some people think that change is impossible in life. That whoever you are or whatever you do is set in stone and that there is no way around it. Some people like to blame the world for their situation and wonder why they are not better, richer, more successful?

Why can others do so well in life and yet they are stuck in the same spot for 20 years.

Stuck in the same job or the same bad position in life.
Miserable with their weight or their relationship or whatever else can make a person miserable. We all have those what if moments.

What if I had taken that job?
That offer, that call or asked that question. What if I had the courage to change my direction in life?

Once you start on a journey it is even harder to change the direction as you have already committed time and resources to getting there and it takes a brave person to leave that behind and take a different route.

It has always taken a brave person to blaze a new trail or head off into the unknown, leaving the comfort and safety of everything that you have behind. The majority of people will never be the first to take that step. Most will wait until they see the way is safe to follow behind the rest but that is why they will never get the biggest rewards. Those go to the first people on scene. The ones who risk what they already have for something more.

We might feel like a lot of people are involved with crypto as anybody in these circles sees and hears a lot about it. My feeds are full of crypto articles, news and users to the point that if feels like the norm. We are far from the majority though. We are the trail blazers.

Putting our time and money into a technology that was almost banned just a year ago. Discussions were had to ban crypto and its use through the large banks and corporations which would have reduced our investments to dusts in a matter of days. Dreams and plans torn asunder by one small group of people with far too much control.

Luckily we have survived those first hurdles. The technology is advancing faster than ever. Some people are waking up to its benefits. Those same entities are now looking to incorporate blockchain and crypto into existing business and build on it for the future.
Regular people will be the next hurdle to overcome. At each of these hurdles we see a consolidation of users, price and understanding of where we might end up. With people realising that twitter, instagram and youtube are not the best place to build your brand how long before more turn towards blockchain and web3 solutions for control of their data and content. We are at the front of that exploration and have lost a lot of good souls along the way. Some never to be seen again. Some that might reappear further down the path. Some that lost it all on the journey for more.

Those are the risks of being a pioneer. A lot of the ships that were heading in the same direction sank along the way. They left full of hopes and promises of a better land but sank to the depths with a full crew trapped inside.

When we hit stormy weather some went down. Some jumped overboard and some stole the lifeboats to save themselves. The only truth in this is for the few ships that are still afloat. Those crews that stuck together, bailed out the water and patched up the holes. Those are true pioneers and survivors. Even if we have to eat a few of the others to survive we will make it to the promised lands at the other side.

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