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Oh, it's so good to see shipping pick up again! As much as I enjoyed ship studies and progressions, I enjoy having the plethora of ship transits even more!

First, we had Algonova, a 426-foot-long, double-hulled tanker from Algoma Corporation, making an early run to Nanticoke. First at Port Huron and then two hours later at Marine City, both in Michigan.



Then, we had Baie Comeau, a 740-foot, Trillium-class, self-unloading bulk carrier from Canadian Steamship Lines. She's on her way to Chicago.

First, at Marine City, Michigan, then at Port Huron about two and a half hours later.



From this angle, she looks very long indeed, but isn't the longest of today's ships!

Lake Huron is the smallest of the Great Lakes, but it's big enough to look like the ocean... no land visible on the horizon.


We'll squeeze a quick cameo from the 367-foot, double-hulled tanker Iver Bright here in Marine City... on her way from Sarnia, Ontario, to Detroit, Michigan.


Next, we have one of the "footers" that work the Great Lakes. From the American Steamship Company, we have Indiana Harbor, a 1000-foot-long, self-unloading bulk carrier on her way to Two Harbors, Minnesota. She will have to go through Soo Locks which open in two days. She will probably be the first "footer" to go through the lock this season.

First, at Marine City, then almost 2.5 hours later in Port Huron.




Finally, we have this tug/barge pair. 114-foot tug, Sharon M and 150-foot, self-unloading, flat cargo barge Huron Spirit both run by McKeil Marine. They feel quite tiny after Indiana Harbor!



It is clear, watching the shipping traffic on the St. Clair, that there is use for a wide variety of transport vehicles - from this 150-foot barge to the 1000-foot Indiana Harbor! (I've seen smaller barges too.) All are useful and play a part in the shipping business.

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StreamTime Live - Port Huron, Michigan
StreamTime Live - Marine City, Michigan
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Note: Boatnerd also hosts shipping news, huge amounts of data about almost any "laker" and even many of the "saltie" visitors - and even a book called "Know Your Ships". I would encourage supporting his great work, especially as he has plans to add more cameras in 2021.

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