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Greetings, how are you, here with a post renewing the progress of my Holybread account. Holybread.io is a very entertaining game with characters and an interesting gameplay, try it, you will love it for sure. Soon there will be new improvements and voting options among other things to add, you can read that information on the developers blog. It should be noted that they have done and are doing great things for us, their players.

My balance

Starting with a value of:

Arriving at the end of the day with a value of:

It should be noted that the increase was not substantial in gold because I made the corresponding improvements and I'm still looking for experience for the hero, because again I will be saving large amounts for another series of improvements in the areas of the same, even more for the new heroine Valentine. I have noticed that as you go up in the ranking the gold prizes are increasing, I do not know if this has to do proportionally with the level of experience of the heroes but it is something particular that I have noticed, later as the days pass and continue to see this happening I can comment on this.

My position in the ranking

Talking about the ranking, I started in the 70th position.

Today I kept the position, staying in the 70th position. I was in 1 defensive battle. It is good to know that I was able to get out of the stagnation, because little by little is going to advance my goal of going up.

So the balance of positions gained is in 507 positions climbed taking into account since post number 1 of the series.


In the history of battles we can see that I have not been attacked, but performing 3 attack encounters that resulted in 3 Victory, that shows the improvement and progress but despite everything I need to continue in the pursuit of improvements to go up I need to continue with the need to make another series of substantial improvements in skills and equipment because the opponents have more and more levels soprendente with respect to the ability of my heroes, but gradually as I get in the chests more powerful items I can make them more powerful. With this progressively I hope to overcome the rank in which I found myself so soon to climb a little more to have a better position in the ranking.

My heroes

Donovan, Montgomery and Valentine, being in that order the primary, second and third. The special abilities of Donovan and Montgomery is to grant 15% more group damage, while Valentine allows to obtain 10% more damage for herself.

Donovan currently has these figures:

HP: 90,134 (+0 increase)

Damage: 4,978 (+0 increase)

Montogmery meanwhile:

HP: 1,062 (+1,062increase)

Damage: 493 (+493 increase)

Valentine has these numbers so far:

HP: 62,980 (+0 increase)

Damage: 6,785 (+0 increase)

During the day I didn't manage to increase the experience level of my heroes.

It is worth mentioning that little by little Valentine is becoming a great warrior of my team, I plan to make her the second in the team of 3..... More from Valentine, Donovan and Montogmery soon.

Thanks for reading my post and for supporting them, I look forward to more from this series and other posts coming soon ✌.

All the images in my post except for the Holybread.io logo were taken from my personal Holybread.io account and uploaded to a server for posting here.


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