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ROR Universe is a blockchain game development team that has developed several games.
Now our team is developing RORGAME (Mini-game platform) and Road of Rich (SRPG GAME) for STEEM blockchain.

Our team has prepared the INVEN Gaming Community for the upcoming SMT.
Many of Steemit’s gaming communities have moved to HIVE, and we believe that STEEM needs a gaming community.
The current STEEM Gaming Community (hive-140217) is not a true STEEM Gaming Community because it is run by HIVE.

We believe that the STEEM blockchain needs a gaming community unique to the STEEM blockchain.

Our team is made up of members from various countries and we plan to bring the gaming community of STEEM together in the INVEN Gaming Community. We will build a SMT Community using IV Token rewards system.

Our INVEN Gaming team supports English, Korean, Turkish and Italian languages.So we can communicate with national community members.
Our team plans to support more languages ​​as the project continues.

Through the RORGAME, Road of Rich Game serviced by the ROR team, many users can join the STEEM blockchain ecosystem and use the INVEN Gaming community. Helping to build the game development ecosystem of STEEM blockchain.

We won't stop here and aim to gain the interest of E-sports competition and bring them onto STEEM blockchain.
Also,We intend to enable the game development team to flow into the STEEM blockchain.

We will work together with members of the STEEM gaming community who have experience in interviewing gaming developers, writing game reviews, working with communities and developing games.

I know a lot of people will be hoping to get the SP delegation but we are not just one person but several working together to help grow the STEEM gaming community through curation and interaction.

Plan for new subscribers

RORGAME and Road of Rich games have very unique token economy systems.
All games developed by the ROR team have a 100% reward system.
I think the 100% reward pool system is a token economy system that is definitely attractive to many users.

RORGAME had 6000 subscribers in 2 months only in the beta test.
We are expecting more people to sign up for RORGAME as we will be able to get full service soon.
If we can use INVEN Gaming with SMT and the curator system together, the STEEM blockchain will greatly increase new subscribers.

Our team plans to actively promote STEEM in various areas such as STEEM blockchain witness, game development, INVEN Gaming community, Marketing activity, etc.

Our team used STEEM-ENGINE to run the STEEM INVEN site.
This site will be prepared for STEEM's SMT.

I hope that our request for an SP delegation from STEEMIT will be successful so that we can better help the development of the gaming community on STEEM.

Team Members

ROR Universe Team(@roadofrich), @Mickvir, @morning

ROR Official Discord channel:
ROR Official Homepage:
Official Kakao talk channel:
ROR Official Youtube channel :

RORGAME Beta Service
Road of Rich Alpha Service

All post rewards are sent to @steem.rise and all revenue is burned through the STEEM RISE project.
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Thank you @totopapa

RORGAME had 6000 subscribers in 2 months only in the beta test. We are expecting more people to sign up for RORGAME as we will be able to get full service soon.

It is really impressive.


Thank you @jacobyu

Amazing initiative:)

Thank you so much! @project7

this is really a good idea, also may be an awesome project I mind.

Thank you for your comment

Excelente votado

Gracias :) @carlos77

Really i already install this game and play....just awesome game..

Thank you so much :) @sultana

Is really good idea, congrats

Thank you! @carlos3766

Hello @roadofrich

Very good initiative. @future.witness supports you.
You can also vote for our witness with this link

Thank you for your support @siavach

Excellent project.

Thank you! @lavanyalakshman

Got install this game,i really enjoy it! .its really good idea

Steem blockchain surely needs its own gaming community. I remember checking ROR out a few months ago, thanks to reviewhunt, will check it out again. Looks promising and will also bring new success to steem blockchain.

I am a game lover i hope INVEN Gaming platform will perform more better and it will be best for passing my boring time with some reward thank you.

This is what i was looking for on steem

Excellent page had time that did not enter here. I like the information you post.

Wow! This us great. Looking to make some o contributions here

This is a really great idea

Its good to see people still support steem And according to gaming Perspective I must say this game will surely help Out this community ....

Btw i am also on steem-engine is their any befetial thing i can get through steem-engine ?? And your token name on steem-engine ?

Magnificent with this gaming community for steemit, lightning and its implementation with the blockchain

que genial! me encanta este tipo de proyecto que aportan mucha diversidad a la comunidad :D

One of the best gaming channel i ever seen.... Here you can earn more from any other applicatio....

amazing bro ♥

Wow, I think this platform is great.

I have been playing for some time and i must say i love it. You guys really putting a lot of effort to make it it work. Thats impressive. Great job.

Nice try! Steem needs a strong game community. This can be the one!

RORing Evolution!
Just subscribed, so looking forward for the E-Sport related contents. Until than... playing around :) All the best!

This is indeed a great initiative.i love the whole idea.keep the good work going guys.

This is a great community and great initiative for everyone, i hope they continue to grow!

Good Project team!!

As a gamer, I really appreciate something that mix blockchain with gamming :)

Cool project man.

It would great if live streaming supports in steem

good project.

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