INVEN GAMING Community Second Week Curator Report for June 2020

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Hello, This is Team ROR. (INVEN Gaming community Curator)

This is the second curator report for the INVEN Gaming community in June.

Currently, most of the Steemit users who post on games use the INVEN Gaming community. If you look at the #game #gaming tag, you can mostly check the INVEN Gaming community.

To this day there are 423 subscribers and the community is slowly growing.
We received 200K SP support from Steemit.INC and about 100K SP support from several users.
Our team is voting with a total of 300K SP to users of the INVEN Gaming community.

The INVEN Gaming community needs to be further developed. If there have any users who want to develop the INVEN Gaming community together, please feel free to contact us.

Our ROR team runs RFDAX.
RFDAX is a tool to convert STEEM to BTC, TRX, USDT easily and quickly.
We are introducing RFDAX to users of the INVEN Gaming community and we hope you will try it out.

In the INVEN Gaming community, various game reviews and gameplay videos are shared every day, and many users are rewarded.

The INVEN Gaming community is voting on all posts related to the game and anyone can easily join. We are proficient in multiple languages ​​and we want more people to participate.

In our Weekly Report, we would like to share with you some articles published and voted in our community.

Blair Witch | Horror supernatural.

The Forest


Monster Hunter: World

OST of the Day #63: Pokemon Diamond & Pearl - Eterna Forest 🌲

This post is a good game posting chosen by our team and I recommend it to you.

If you have any suggestions, we ask you to write comments.
Thank you.

INVEN Gaming Discord Channel:

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Please check the link.
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Thank you for your continued curation work.

The Steemit Team

Since i joined no one has voted for me

I thought that Steem was already dead, because he published and nobody voted for me, I saw that they vote among themselves, and thanks to you I have republished, and the truth is I will try to help this community with my votes, greetings and keep it up

thanks so much for curating my post! ^-^

Thank you for your support.

This Pandemic Times turns and put mostly youngsters into Gaming world. Kodos!

I support your article, of course we as members will support this community.
continue to work together to improve this community. Greetings from me. ^-^