Feeding Program for the Kids POWERED BY STEEM | Thank you for Supporting Our Activity - "Act of Kindness v2"

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Thank you Steem! Thank you Everyone!


These are the words that we always utter in our mouth for making this activity memorable. We may be the ones who exerted the effort to make this activity into reality, but you all are the reason why this happened. In behalf of the kids in our community, we thank you!

Over 40 kids enjoyed their afternoon healthy snack combo of - Lugaw - Vegetable Lumpia - Calamansi Juice, all composed of healthy ingredients.

The Preparation

Buying vegetables.jpg

We learned last time that we need to start early for us not to be drained in the afternoon. So me and my friends @belsoronz and @jassennessaj started buying the necessary ingredients for the feeding program. We also realized this thing from our last feeding program:

Because we have a lot of muslim brothers and sisters in our area and since Ramadan had just ended, we decided to remove pork as an ingredient to our vegetable lumpia for them to enjoy the snack too.

So early in the morning, we gathered together at around 5 am and started going to the Public Market in our area. We bought the necessary ingredients for the Lumpia-Lugaw-Juice combo.

Buying vegetables 1.jpg

We started buying the vegetable lumpia ingredients, these were the ingredients we bought:

  • 3 kilo Tawgi (beansprouts)
  • 2 kilo mixed vegetables
  • 1-1/4 kilo oil
  • 4 pcs onions
  • 2 pcs garlic
  • 3 sachets oyster sauce
  • 1 sachet soy sauce
  • 1/4 brown sugar
  • 4packs of lumpia wrapper (good for 200 pcs)
  • 3 pcs magic sarap (seasoning)
  • 3 pcs knorr chicken cubes

Other expenses:

  • 1 sack of coconut husk (to be used as wood)
  • 2 pcs butane gas (refill)

Buying remaining ingredients.jpg

Then we started buying the ingredients for Lugaw (porridge in English term). We also made sure that the porridge tastes good while maintaining its nutritional value. So, we bought these ingredients:

  • 2-kilos of rice
  • 1-kilo chicken breast
  • 3 pcs of Carrots
  • 20 ml of oil
  • 1-whole ginger
  • 3pcs Magic Sarap (seasoning)
  • 3pcs knorr chicken cubes
  • Couple of pinch salt and pepper
  • 4 pcs of onion
  • 1-whole pack of garlic
  • 1 gallon of mineral water

Other expenses:

  • 4-pack of disposable cups
  • 4-pack of disposable spoon

buying lumpia wrapper abel.jpg

Then finally, we bought a simple recipe for our calamansi juice:

  • 1 gallong of mineral water
  • 40-pcs of Calamansi
  • 2-packs of Tang powdered juice (orange)
  • 2-pack of disposable cups
  • 10pcs of ice

How We Made our Food

lumpia prep 3.jpg

In the morning, we started cooking for the vegetable lumpia since we will still put them in a lumpia wrapper. With the help of our neighbor volunteers, we're so glad that we finished the lumpia wrap at around 10:00 in the morning.

lumpia luto.jpg

Then we paused the cooking because we have to prepare for a big tarpaulin of THANK YOU STEEM with the Steem logos and SK (sir @stephenkendal's promotional logo) - thank you sir for making this event happen. For our handmade tarpaulin to happen we bought:

  • 1 black paint (for background)
  • 1/4 blue colored paint
  • 1/4 white colored paint
  • 1/4 red colored paint
  • 3-different size of brushes
  • 1/2 masking tape.

tarpaulin prep.jpg

Then we started working back again for the lugaw and vegetable lumpia after painting the Thank you Steem tarp. We started preparing the lugaw. These are the pictures I gathered how I created the nutritious lugaw (porridge) and soon I'll be making a detailed tutorial about it soon.

Then we cooked the lumpia finally using deep fry. It was about 200+ pcs after we finished. Thank you to my friend @jassennessaj who led the preparation and cooking of the vegetable lumpia. We helped each other to make sure it will be delivered by 3:30-4:30 pm.

Then we mixed together the calamansi juice and tang orange for the juices. It was about 1 jar that will be shared by the kids. This is how it looks.

Thank you so much Steemit!


I am so happy sir @stephenkendal for giving me a chance to participate in events like this. Ever since I was a kid, I always look to the day that I'll help back to the kids soon. I appreciate your kindness sir and I am very happy today. You made my day memorable sir.

We are planning for our next feeding program which will be for the Sitio Caimitohan next time around. Tomorrow we will share our expenses all around. GOD BLESS YOU AND I LOVE YOU ALL.


Ohmygod. Same feeling bro. I'm so tired today. So tired because we still played basketball and it went physical. Haha

Our next target will be caimitohan. Daghan kaayu bata didto papi 😅🤗

This was a truly unforgettable experience brow! @aivanav . Thank you for your hardwork and all efforts that we made our feed the children program successful. Your skills in cooking the porridge tastes more delicious and nutritious.
Keep up the good work guys. God bless us all. 😇

Wow that's incredible👏. Keep putting smiles on their faces.

@stemcurator01 Thankyou so much for the vote its truly appreciated. We will conduct more good activies together with my friends to promote steem steemit, Your support is very helpful to us.

congrats kuya! naolz oi haha

I simply have no words.!!

What you guys are doing in the Philippines is truly remarkable and is what #Steem is all about.

I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you guys are doing with your Feed Children Program and promoting #Steem and #Steemit at the same time.

Seriously, this is truly outstanding and you guys should be very proud of yourselves.

Being able to help and support you guys has been an absolute pleasure and I looking forward to continuing to help you guys as much as I can in the future.

You are an inspiration to the #Steem Community and I am looking forward to others following in your footsteps.

Keep up the great work.


first of all thank you so much Sir @stephenkendal for the support that you gave to us, we will do more good activities to support steem steemit.

Incredibly noble work, this is what Steem was all about. I think they deserve appreciation. 😊
Steem On

Cc. @steemcurator01

i hope @steemcurator01 will notice hehehe.

It is good to see others do the CHAIN ​​OF GOODNESS event that I started months ago in the steem Women club community ..

Surprised to see you do the CHAIN ​​OF GOODNESS event created in the steem Women club community ....

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