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I hope all the friends are well and all the friends are doing their job well. Friends, I also want to tell you a very special story today. I spent the whole day in the field today. I've seen a lot of potatoes these days, we've spent all day trading potatoes. So I thought, whatever I did today, I saw what I had to share with my friends. So friends, today I am going to share with you a lot about these potatoes. I hope you guys are interested in my story. Let us tell you, we left home for we have found the owners to listen to the prices of these potato owners and we also gave them our prices. But potato prices are getting very bad in Pakistan at the moment. But there are many diseases in Pakistan where the rate of potato is very high. So guys, let's talk about three or four of these potatoes. Among these potatoes, Santa, Extras and Mezica have special potatoes.
Mozicca Potato


Mosaic potato is a very beautiful potato. Mosaic potatoes have many seeds. If it is a first year seed, it gives a very high average. This is a 120 day harvest. It is ready in 120 days. Twelve or ten potatoes come out of one place. One hundred sacks of potatoes come out in one acre. If the first year seed is present, then these plants have potatoes and the flow of potatoes near the plant is very high. Potatoes are clean and white in color and very beautiful. These potato chips are also made and these potatoes are also taken to countries outside Pakistan. Pakistani potatoes go all over the world. The size of this potato is also very large.

This potato is long and wide. People love this potato because there is a lot of potato in an acre here. That's why the average goes up and people think about these potatoes all the time and that's what they say. We will plant the same potatoes next year. These potatoes also cover the expenses of the landlord brothers and give them benefits. This potato is a very good potato and this potato lasts longer. Its flow is going very well now.

Santta Potato


And friends, let's go to Santa Potato. This potato is round and very beautiful and it is also very big in size. Santa potatoes are very common in Pakistan. The rate of this potato is also very good. Its seed is very different. If there is a good seed, the yield will be the same. If the seed becomes weak, the potatoes will grow very weak and its size will not increase. But if a good seed comes in handy, its size will also increase and its production will also increase and the potato will be beautiful and clean. Today we have seen a lot of cold and we also like a lot of potatoes but we have difficulty in the fluctuations of the arms due to which we did not buy any potatoes today. Outsiders love Santa potatoes Most of the owners of Santa potatoes in our country are buying from abroad. Because this potato does a lot of work, it is used for many things.
Once we went to see Santa Potato with our friend. When we saw calm people there and also calm. So now we have to choose the rate. But when we chose the rate, the owner also asked for an increase in the rate but the first owner told us the rate we wanted to keep but at the same time the owner did not like our rate and told us that if you give a higher rate If so, I will give you potatoes. But we said that we have given you the rate of what you have given us before what is the problem now? But he said this is my potato, sell it as I want, give me the rate I am telling you now, then I will give you this potato. We left that light in the light of all these things, we didn't buy those potatoes and we came back. But this Santa potato it’s a wonderful potato and it's so beautiful, it's round and so nice.

Hey guys, let me tell you about a third potato called Xtrace. The color of this potato is red and this potato is also long and wide and it is very beautiful to look at. People love these potatoes. These potatoes are very popular. These potatoes are very popular in Pakistan. The rate of eating these potatoes is very high. Every vegetable grower has red potatoes because people like them. The demand for these potatoes increases during the month of Ramadan. The production of these potatoes from the land is also very high. The seeds of this potato are different. If it is a first year seed, the yield will be higher. If there is a second or third or fourth year seed, then there is a difference in production.

Axtress Potato

But the highest yield is given by the first year's seed. Currently, the red potato market in Pakistan is very fast. Lalu's call is everywhere but this Lalu has already been sold. It is very difficult to come from outside now. I have made a lot of money from this potato. Because these people are buying A last from outside and when they took it to the markets, they got a very high rate. It is the only red potato that is sold in most stores. Yes, every servant has saved Lalu only on that basis. When it becomes expensive, we will sell it or take it out. Because it's a game of chance, it's a gamble ۔ If it is sold, if it gets a good price, it gets a lot of money. If its value falls, the servant throws it out and gets nothing. In return for this red potato, people have become very rich and most of all, they keep this red potato to earn more money.
Most people keep this red potato in the form of feet for a long time. People keep this potato in the form of piles for two or three or four months. People just wait, we have to sell on the day when the prices go up. So guys, I hope you like and share this whole story of mine and I hope you take interest in it too. You can tell me what you think about it in the comments. I have an opinion so that I can know too. And I will reinforce my story in the future.


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